The Hunger

“Nothing Human Loves Forever”

s u m m a r y:
Tony Scott’s (Ridley Scott’s brother) directorial debut, based on the Whitley Strieber novel.
This erotic thriller follows Miriam (CATHERINE DENEUVE) and John (DAVID BOWIE), two vampires lovers who live normal modern-day-lives. When John’s vampire life cycle comes to an end and he begins aging, Miriam goes out in search of a new companion. Miriam seeks out Sarah Roberts (SUSAN SARANDON), a scientist who may hold the secret to immortality, but Sarah’s husband stands in the way… along with Miriam’s former coffin-bound companions.

r e v i e w:
Before I first saw this I had heard alot about it, and when I saw it I was EXTREMELY impressed. Its got a great “MTV” look to it with great style, plus a different story. My favourite (and the BEST part), is the opening with Miriam and John stalking their prey in a smoky nightclub to the sounds of gothic music. There also many other great parts, which have chilling and great performances.

It somewhat stands out among other vampire films, since it’s so different and doesn’t play by the normal stereotypical rules. These vampires are very elegant, much unlike most other vampires. These vampires can walk in the day, don’t have fangs (but have a every unique way of feeding), etc. Each night they go and pick up the least noticeable people who no one would come looking for, take them out and feed, then incinerate the bodies.

The gore is rather minimal, but it is delivered in a very stylish way. For their unique way of feeding since they don’t have fangs brings in most of the blood. Special effects for Miriam’s former companions (who are basically aged-to the oldest point-zombies who are bound to coffins) are good for 1983. The sex/nudity is fairly toned down, with the famous Lesbian love scene between Miriam and Sarah (which still is pretty graphic for Hollywood even now).

More of an erotic then gory, and slower then most vampire films, but it holds strong and is very good. Catherine Deneuve is probably the sexiest French woman ever, and David Bowie is ok since it?s not really his acting that’s great but his “look” which is the only reason they cast him (but he only has a little screen time).

A MUST-SEE, but it’s no action “blade-like” movie for all you people who are brainwashed with action, but for the ones who appreciate a unique and different story.

Official Score