Deep Rising

“Aliens meets Titanic!”

Originally titled “Tentacle” this move was supposed to suck big time! I had not a doubt in my mind when i went to see it though. With an Excellent cast, State-of-art special effects, and terrific acting, this is a move that should not be missed!!

It begins with an ominous message that there are canyons deep below the waters surface that are deep enough to swallow the Himalayan Mountains three times over. Deep enough that no man or machine could ever explore…..

We?re then introduced to a gang of mercenaries that are taking a group of pirates to the luxurious cruise ship/casino the “Argonautica”. They arrive to find the ship totally abandoned. Or so it appears…. Confused but not complaining, the Pirates set off to loot, pillage, and plunder, only to discover a group of people who talk of “things” that slaughtered the rest of the crew and passengers. It soon becomes a soggy “aliens” style cat and mouse chase as the pirates and survivors try to escape the ship. There is a lot more going on is this movie then meets the eye as backstabbing and secret alliances surface, this movie delivers action at every turn.

Some of the things i really enjoyed about this movie was that it wasn?t your typical sea monster movie. The Atoyas increasing in size as the pressure changed in the oceans depths seems almost frighteningly too realistic. The monsters were rendered well using CGI which I normally don?t enjoy, but in this case made it all the more better.

My only complaint about this movie was the origin of the creatures were not properly explained. Yes, the beginning did lead us to believe that they were living in the canals mentioned, but gave no reason for their leaving. The original story was that they were forced to leave from China dropping toxic waste there to dispose of it. But no matter how you look at it, this was a very good and VERY underrated movie. I can put this up there with other sea monster movies such as Deep Star Six, and Leviathan. If you haven?t yet, go check out Deep Rising. You wont be disappointed!

Official Score