Beware! Children at Play!

Wow, what an interesting movie. If I wasn?t such a big Troma fan i would never have plucked this off the shelf, but I did and it was….. different.

The story starts out with a boy and his father camping in the woods. The father is a Anglo Saxon mythology teacher and tells his son terrifying tales about medieval cannibalistic creatures by the night campfire. As they are out hiking in the woods one day the boy?s father in injured in a hunting trap and loses the ability to walk. Long story short, the man goes insane and dies a raving death. Only the son is left. Lost and alone in the woods?

Flash forward ten years. Mr. DeWolfe and his family are visiting a friend in the town near those woods. They stop to help out a man with a broken down car and learn that the children of that town have all been mysteriously disappearing. The people,(who are a little crazy after loosing their kids) are extreme religious fanatics. As the family arrives at their friend?s house, they discover his daughter Amy had vanished months earlier. The only clue they have is a crazy old bible-thumping hermit whose son was one of the first to disappear. He claims that he has seen his son and the other children in the fields at night. While trying figure all this out, Mr. DeWolfe?s daughter is taken by a group of children. But why?? The ending to this movie is mind blowing to say the least.

This movie was not what I had expected. I saw the idea they were trying to use and it was very good, yet poorly applied. if done right and filmed better this could have been a pretty decent movie. It is what all Troma movies are, FUCKED UP. I sometimes wonder where they come up with their stories. The ending to this movie is worth the time watching it. i wont give it away, but you will not be disappointed!

Official Score