Wild Zero (JP)

“Rock’n’Roll JET-Movie”
“Thrill, Speed, and Stupid Zombies”
“The Great Psycho of Them All”

Yet another interesting attempt coming from the land of the rising sun on the zombie genre. The latest effort is called Wild Zero, which was released around the same time as the impeccable Versus and Junk. All zombie movie lovers should check out the two aforementioned movies.

How to set up Wild Zero? Well it’s about this cool rockabilly/rock ‘n roller greaser type named Ace and the love of his life along with Japanese rockabilly band Guitar Wolf versus the zombies!!! There are all sorts of interesting characters in this movie and enough blood, guts and wild gun play to delight the gore hounds. To say scenes from this film are somewhat far fetched, over the top, cheesy or absolutely hysterical would be and understatement!!!! The laughs and the limbs keep a rollin’ in this crazy little film!

The only real “stars” of the film are Guitar Wolf, and I think their video director directed this film but I am not sure. What you can count on in this film is plenty of laughs, zombies ,wild gun play, more zombies, ufo’s, very “interesting” characters, crazy love story, silly dialogue, more zombies and some pretty neat SFX. Definitely should be checked out by all horror film lovers to see how much potential is coming out of Japan these days and to see something just a little different.

Official Score