Versus (JP)

?Prisoner KSC2-303 escapes with a fellow inmate and flees to an anonymous forest to a rendezvous with a group of men who will lead them to a safer place. When the men ultimately arrive with a female hostage in tow and with fueled by more sinister intentions, they kill his partner and KSC2-303 flees with the girl into the woods, which turn out to be the legendary “Forest Of Resurrection”, one of 666 portals to “the other side”. It’s then a non-stop battle against the living dead and cunning assassins to simply stay alive, let alone find freedom.?

The fact that a review of versus is not on this sight is the exact reason why i joined!!! It’s time to expand our minds people!!! Versus, released sometime last year or the year previous is the BEST zombie film since BRAINDEAD and will be considered one of the BEST ever made!!! You don’t believe me do you!?!?

Well Miramax does because they are re-releasing this movie stateside, I just hope they don’t redo the entire darn thing. So what’s it all about you might ask? Well to some it up in a nutshell: imagine all the cool zombie scenes from Day Of The Dead, The Beyond, Gates Of Hell, Braindead etc. Meets the cool camera work of Evil Dead and minced with some incredible fight scenes and all the best bloody shootouts of The Killer and Hard Boiled with touches of Ninja Scroll and you have Versus!!! I kid you not people this is the real deal! The body count and body parts spin way out of control in this film!!! And if that was not enough it has some of that over the top Braindead-type humour and incredible SFX! Oh yeah, did I mention it more or less plays like the best cross between a yakuza film and a zombie film too. And the real payoff it’s TWO HOURS LONG!!!! So kiddies do yourself a favour a track this incredible film down you will not regret it.

Official Score