Firstly, this movie is an instant classic so if you haven’t already, go and rent it now! There is not much gore or guts (although of whole lot of blood) but the film is as equally shocking to the mind as it is to the eye.
Based on the Stephen King novel (one of the better King novel to movie adaptations) the movie follows young adolescent Carrie White (superbly played by Sissy Spacek), not your typical American teen who is bullied and taunted by her classmates and even the staff at her High School.

However, Carrie has a secret: she possesses the power of the mind, telekinesis. Her troubled childhood and cruel taunts by all those around her as well as the stress of a Bible-bashing deluded mother (played by the awesome Piper Laurie) Carrie exerts the stress of her lonely and painful life using her mind to move or break things. Might not sound very convincing as a great movie however it is and is one of the eeriest and most shocking pieces of cinema to come out of the seventies.

After a cruel and sick joke played on Carrie in the girls’ locker room, one of the ‘bullies’, Sue thinks she can make up for it by getting her boyfriend, Tommy Ross to take Carrie along to the Prom. A reluctant Carrie accepts, despite her Mom insisting “They’re all gonna laugh at you.”

Carrie arrives at the Prom looking stunning but however is rigged by the mother of all bullies, Chris who has set up the vote so that Carrie and Tommy win the King and Queen of the Prom so she can humiliate her in front of the entire graduating year (who did actually laugh at her).

However, Carrie wreaks a bloody revenge and leaves them to burn in Hell (literally). Unfortunately, she returns to her Mother who is more insane than ever as she attempts to ‘sacrifice’ Carrie. Carrie crucifies her Mother in a rather shocking sequence and the power of her mind kills her in the end.

This film is shocking, entertaining and also informative as it makes you think twice before taunting someone or calling people names like Carrie’s ‘friends’. *PLOT SPOILER ALERT!* It also reinvented the way cinema was made as Brian De Palma, the film’s Director, used some extremely effective camera angles and also the unexpected sequence at the end of the movie where Carrie’s bloody hand reaches out and grabs Sue. Without this movie, Jason would not have jumped out the lake in Friday the 13th and nor would Freddy have attacked Nancy’s mother at the end of A Nightmare On Elm Street.

Simply, an excellent piece of cinema with a blissfully terrifying soundtrack, superb casting and lots of blood, which is what we like! Enjoy it people!

Official Score