Long Time Dead

I have just come back from watching this and I went in with little expectation. I was surprised at the start of the film. It was rather good with a couple of cheap scares, but about half an hour in, the movie seemed to have gone from really good to very poor and highly predictable.

The movie begins in Morocco 1979. You later learn this scene is of a group of Satan worshippers calling up the dreaded Djinn. The camera work is effective and eerie as the Djinn moves through the corridors to reach the summoning group. Once it reaches them all hell breaks loose (literally) and people are screaming and dying. (This scene is limited at the beginning but develops through the film to get the complete picture)

Djinn is a fire-possession demon. Once it possesses someone at the séance table it must kill all the summoners before it is free to roam the earth. If it fails to kill them or worse, if it is banished, then it is to return to the fiery hell in which it came from.

The movie returns to present day. There are a group of students sharing an apartment in London. One thing I will say is the character development is poor. I found myself not knowing the names of the characters all that quickly and really had no idea who was the ?strong one? and who was ?the goof? like most movies have. There were 8 characters I think, as much as the movie tried to portray them all as close and give them all personality, it really didn?t work. The actress playing Lucy was the only one I felt could act, which was another let down for the film.

The mates all go to a party and take some drugs, have some sex and do some dancing and after they are satisfied they settle down and begin to talk about thrills when one of them says that one of the best thrills he got was doing a séance. So you can guess what happens?. They do a séance and they summon the Djinn.

The Djinn possesses one of the characters and the deaths begin pretty much straight away. With the Djinn being a fire demon, the victims are identified by severe burns. This is its mark. The members all begin to freak out, with Lucy being rather spiritual she does her homework, the building?s landlord also becomes involved but not developed all that well and it also turns out that the beginning of the film is all a memory to another member of the group who later learns his father was one of the Satanists who summoned the Djinn all those years ago.

Overall the séance itself is great, a couple of the kills are eerie but its not graphic and they are all done before. As I said, it started well but turned to shit in no time. The ending is highly predictable and you don?t get to see the Djinn in its true form, only in possession form and that to me, was one of the biggest disappointments.

It was average ? don?t pay a heap to see it, check it out on video when you get to rent it cheap. Its all been done before and special effects are pretty much zero.

Official Score