A transport of a genetically cloned Sabretooth goes terribly wrong when the driver falls asleep and drives down a hill. The sabretoothed tiger escapes to the forest but not without a snack first.

Flip over to a bunch of campers getting ready to go hiking in the woods, unknowing of the terrible destiny that is awaiting them in the forest. It doesn’t take long before the terror begins as the sabretooth gets an appetite for human flesh and the campers have to run for their lives.

This low budget creature action thriller wasn’t very enjoyable at all; it was below average I’m sad to say. As the movie started I thought that it looked quite cool as the effects were descent and it seemed as if they had used a real tiger, but then they seem to have realized that they didn’t have the money for making a high budget production and the effects went downhill quickly, in some points you can actually see how the sabretooth is moving unrealistically as if it had wheels instead of feat.

The acting was average, and the directing fails miserably even of making it look like a DTV movie, all the time I was waiting for the Hallmark logo, heh. This was just so directed to be shown on TV. We don’t even get some nudity which annoyed me, this movie will probably get an R rating though as it did have it’s fair share of gore, including intestines, bloody tiger teeth, and some nice claw scratches.

The atmosphere wasn’t that great eitherl as the music failed to deliver the horror in the movie, we only got one really good scare even if it was a bit predictable. I have to give this movie some credit though as the producers at least had the decency to make up a new animal to use as the killing machine, thank god we didn’t have to sit through yet another snake or reptile movie.

I think you should wait until this shows on cable, as I’m quite sure it won’t take long before it reaches your TV. Sadly this movie, just as Beneath Loch Ness, will probably reach the top 50-rental chart because of a thrilling and inviting title. I’m still waiting for cover-art, I’m quite sure it will rock.

Bottom Line: If you loved Bats (1999), you might be able to enjoy this movie at some amount; I think you should see it for the experience.

Official Score