Zombi 3

Though how great of a filmmaker the late Lucio Fulci was, there is always a film you wish that their name wasn’t attached. With Spielberg it’s Always or Hook, with Lucas it’s Howard the Duck. With Fulci it’s Zombi 3. Though how good the first film Zombie (Zombi 2) was, this film was one that should have stayed buried.

A chemical is being designed that can re-animate corpses to their original full state. A group trying to hi-jack the chemical breaks into the compound and steals the serum. Unlucky for one of the hijackers the chemical is now in his blood stream after the bottle broke. Trying to find sanctuary, he finds a local hotel and waits…and becomes a member of the walking dead! Now from here on in the town where the hotel is located is in the mitts of a zombie hell.

The film starts off like a really bad b movie. A corpse in a tube with scientists experimenting on it, and it starts to move. Then it breaks out, and attacks the scientists? I couldn’t see that coming. The surprises (and I use that loosely) are practically non-existent. Zombies pop out left and right out of bushes trying to shock the audience, but fail as the acting by the people playing the living dead is abysmal.

Now there were some high points in the film. One of them being the location of where the film was shot, it was a nice tropical location as seen in Zombi, but with more civilization. There were also some nice camera angles representing the view of the zombie. The gore, though used very minimally, is good at points.

But for these few upsides there are piles and piles of downsides. One of them being every time we see a walking corpse there is this annoying green light. As if we can’t already tell there is a zombie, the green light is supposed to tell us to beware. Also there was random mist usage trying to make suspense in the scene. The script is very laughable, but not as bad as the acting both on the actors and the zombies. At points the zombies run fast, but other times they lurch. Also there were zombie birds! Really, as if you think that the adding of zombie birds would safe this pathetic movie.

Another thing that really got to me was the fact that they ripped off many plot ideas from other movies. A team being assembled to destroy the threat at hand, which was seen in Dawn of the Dead. Then at a scene they discuss how burning the corpse could make the ashes re-animate other things, return of the Living dead. And to add the fact there is a line which is a direct rip-off of ROTLD, “I’m feeling better Patricia, but I’m thirsty…thirsty for your BLOOD!” and as all of us who have seen ROTLD know that Freddie says “I Love you Tina, now let me eat your BRAINS!” This could just be me, but I think that is a pretty close line.

This movie isn’t really worth the money to rent. Besides the catchy cover art, and having Fulci in the directors chair, that’s it. If you want to watch a really bad excuse for a zombie movie, by all means watch this.

Official Score