Blood Song

Part slasher film, part after school special. Can one go wrong with that combo? Add Frankie Avalon and a get ready. This early eighties, psychopath on the loose flick, borderlines on low budget stellar.

Blood Song starts with the father of a younger version of Paul (older version: Frankie Avalon) killing his cheatin’ wife and her lover. Then Paul’s dad shoots himself in front of Paul. The now parentless kid has only a flute his dad made for him. This brings one to a grown Paul in the mental hospital. One knows when one is a mental patient that escape and ….uh….SanFransisco are always a priority.

Meanwhile a young schoolgirl is haunted with trippy visions of Paul killing on a regular basis. Why? Because her drunk-ass pops got her into a drunk driving accident and the only blood donor for her rare blood type was……. you guessed it: Paul. So a psychic bond and a gimpy leg are what she receives.

Now I know the issue here. “Frankie Avalon as a psycho killer?” Yep. He does a good job too. It’s easy to put him off with his obsession with wussy flute playing. Just don’t tell him he’s bad at it. In one scene he picks up a hitchhiker, has sex with her, then after she gets him angry and he kills her. A presumably naked Frankie Avalon killing a topless woman will spook anyone good.

While not being overly original in any sense, Blood Song is worth viewing. All the acting was all right. One can definitely sleep easy afterwards. The pace is good, but when the song at the beach scene starts, take a break for a snack and/or tasty beverage.

Other Tidbits: Nice Van. I miss you full-service gas stations. Hang over cop.

Official Score