Dr Butcher MD (aka Zombie Holocaust)

Come back to the early, gory days where cannibal/zombie films ruled supreme, and you won’t go wrong with DR BUTCHER MD. This often bad mouthed film delivers all you might want in a gore film – and than some. The story is almost a rip off of Fulci’s ZOMBIE, but with the added spice of a few cannibals running around.

The same mad doctor from Fulcis classic appears again playing yet another mad doctor in DR, this time instead of just trying to make zombies, he wants to make them his slaves, and is doing medical experiments with them to perfect his dream. Enter the obligatory American snoopers, who ultimately end up finding for their lives on an island in some foreign country as the zombies and cannibals move in …

This movie is made with a bit more tongue and cheek than other films of the same genre and doesn’t take itself as seriously as others released around that time.

One of the reasons ( well, the main reason ) it’s a fan fave, is the excessive gore in the movie.

Throats are slashed wide open, eyes are poked out, stomachs are ripped open and steaming guts eaten. One highlight has a zombies head destroyed with a boat motor, and another show stopper has a brain transplant, and throat surgery.

Sometimes called ZOMBIE ISLAND MASSACRE, or Zombie Holocaust, the film should not be shown to your religious family members, kids or anyone of a nervous disposition because it soaks the screen RED!

Watch if a fan of these films, otherwise, approach with caution – you have been warned.

Official Score