Say Yes (KR)

Director Sung-Hong Kim’s fifth movie in a decade is one entitled Say Yes, which was released by 20th Century Fox. After all of the Asian horror hype, and all of the movies I’ve seen, they are starting to wear thin. The film had tons of gut wrenching moments with an amazing caste and one of the best deranged psycho’s I’ve seen in years. Even though there were so many great features to this film, it fell flat on it’s face with its total lack of originality.

On their one year anniversary, things could not look better for Jeong-hyun (Ju-hyuk Kim) and his wife Yun-hie (Sang Mi Chu). The couple decides to take a winter vacation along the East Sea to celebrate Jeong getting his manuscript published. As tons of movies before this, their trip turns out to be a trip neither of them will ever forget. The trip starts off on a bad foot in a coffee shop when a man over at another table gives an evil stare over in the young couples direction. While pulling out of the parking lot, they hit this man and soon get pulled into his trap. The man’s calls himself “Em” (Joong-Hoon Park) and asks for a ride in order to stop him from pressing charges. On the drive to the sea, Em castes an expressionless face while throwing out rude remarks and actions, which put a hamper on their fun drive. When they get to the East Sea, they think they’ve seen the last of Em, only it’s just the beginning of Em’s crusade to ruin the lives of this happy couple.

What sounds like a completely amazing story, is ruined by its predictable scripting and over-done ideas. Not to take anything away from the directing, fantastic acting and incredible finale, but when the script and storyline is bad, the whole movie becomes a waste.

Although the movie is ruined by the script, Say Yes is a definite rent, if you can find it. The movie is a fun, sit on your couch and eat some popcorn flick. The acting was fantastic, Em is so incredibly scary, with his vengefulness and violent acts/words, and he shows this without casting much emotion, he uses his expressionless face and dreadful stare to put a chill down your spine.

Jeong opened the film up as this sweet and loving husband, very simple and normal. As the film progresses, his evolution is uncanny, as he is pushed to his limits from a gentle husband to psychotic revenge orientated madman. When I say madman. You can feel the energy of him wanting to hurt “Em” so badly, but he can’t, Em is always one step ahead of them.

The movie’s end is something quite spectacular, filled with blood, violence, surprises and the much needed explanation to the events that occurred. But to put it short and sweet, it was too little, too late….

Official Score