Faust: Love Of The Damned

All I can say is “wow”. I wasn’t expecting much from this one when I brought it home, being another straight to video release. I have to be honest with myself you see, and admit that there is only about one gem in every 5 to 7 that I bring home. But this one was, dare I say, really good!

It is very different to many other movies I have seen. It has your basic good vs. evil but its set out almost like a comic book rather than a cheesy horror. This makes it interesting and the special effects are just awesome.

It starts off a little slow, give it about 20 minutes to warm up. There is some gore at the beginning but the real excitement happens about mid way through the film. The movie is basically about a man named John Jasper. He falls in love with an illegal immigrant that sneaks into the country through bad contacts. When she doesn’t live up to her end of the bargain she is savagely murdered in front of his eyes and devastated John, is left angry and empty.

Then enters the devil. He promises Jasper all the powers in the world for just one wee mortal soul. And John, not caring for anything religious agrees, and seeks revenge immediately to those who killed his love. After his first kills he becomes a killing machine for the devil and is a slave to his every command but Jasper begins to lack the taste for killing and gets caught by police in the process and further more, ends up being committed to a mental asylum.

Here he meets Jade the psychiatrist, falls in love, and realizes he can change his own destiny. From this point in the movie shifts from a pathetic tale of loss to a full blown battle between good and evil with riveting special effects, lots of blood and gore, great kills and plenty of action.

There is a cult element to the film that makes it dark and dreary in some areas but there is a lot of imagination in it too. The cult meeting scene is an interesting one and you soon learn that people are not who they say they are. It plays on the myth that many of movies have played with in the past and that is that the devil is among us and people as powerful as Hitler, only got there through selling his soul. But this movie takes it to a different dimension, more of a fantasyland.

The movie is a mixture of The Crow, Nightmare On Elm Street as well as Night Terrors meets The Devils Advocate. It has seduction, plenty of flesh, betrayal, love, revenge, horror, demons, gates to hell and I just have mention him… Jeffrey Combs! It actually won a movie award for best special effects. There is a downfall and that is that the story line is corny in some places but I have a feeling it is meant to be.

As I mentioned earlier, they have mixed in the comic book feeling giving the film a superhero with cape and all to dazzle the viewers. It’s a fantasy/horror/action and is worth the money to hire it out. Check it out… I give it 8 outta 10.

Official Score

  • huntermc

    The Faust comic book was great – kind of like a Satanic Wolverine taken to extreme levels of gore. I’ll have to check out the movie some time.