I made the wise choice on this one and waited for its ‘weekly video’ release. I strongly recommend you do the same!

The movie is about a research group called the “Jurassic Project” that was originally funded by the army but got its funds diminished. The group that were in charge of the project decided to build a new location and secretly continue the research with funding from outside parties, namely Pakistan. The project, of course, is run by a psycho scientist that puts all his time and effort into the project. He lives and breathes this research and will do anything to protect it. So when one of his raptors gets loose, he doesn’t care too much for the lives of those killed. In denial, and in a position that no one can argue with, he continues his work, which in the end, back fires and kills his sorry ass.

The opening scene is impressive, to say the least. It has the tiny raptor searching for its first meal. When a car of horny teenagers come along it takes the opportunity and kills every one of them. The intestines coming out of the raptors mouth is hilarious and the bad acting and tomato sauce makes for a comedy rather than a horror. The music is corny and the animal itself it poorly designed.

After the deaths of the teenagers the police begin to investigate and in comes a really bad female actress that looks like something out of Baywatch and a male actor I have seen before but he is not a big enough name to recognise. Together they begin the investigation that leads them straight to the research lab.

The army become involved and the police are taken as hostage, then all the animals get loose when the power gets shut off and is Jurassic Park all over again. People die, people run, I was nodding off.

There are a few kills but none worth watching this for and the research lab itself is really really bad. The dinosaurs are held in my laser fencing UNDER the research facility. This to me, was just sad. The special effects were better on Clash of the Titans, and the dialogue in particular is really disappointing. People just don’t say what these characters were saying!

As I said, the acting is poor. There is a young girl in hospital that wakes up after hearing a recorded voice of the dinosaur and she rants and raves and screams. It so bad I nearly turned it off. The acting was really fake and as I mentioned earlier, the poor dialogue really doesn’t help the already bad acting at all.

I have never done a review for a movie I hated before so here it is. Raptor was a complete waste of time. It isn’t even worth a skull, but it’s the lowest this thing goes…. So here we are. 1 outta 10 for this beauty!

Official Score