Sometimes They Come Back

“With Pet ‘Sematary’ and ‘The Shining’ Stephen King Scared you to death. Now, he’s going to scare you back to life”

Before i begin, i just want to say that i am a HUGE fan of this movie. It has to be one of my all time favorite King flicks. Maybe it’s the badass car that does it for me. Whatever the case it resides in my top 10 list.

The movie opens with our lead character Jim Norman moving back to his childhood home where he has landed job teaching at the local high school. It seems that Jim as had some trouble in the past with other students giving him a hard time and his punishment “methods” were brought into question. If not for the fact he could not a job anywhere else he would never have come back home. 20 years ago he witnessed his older brother brutally killed by a gang of 4 hoodlums in a train tunnel before they too were killed by an on-coming train.

Jim moves into his old home and gets ready for his first day at work. His new students know of his past and do not cut him any slack. They proceed to make his job there a living hell. Then, as he is driving home from work, he witnesses the same car that the 4 hoods who killed his brother drove, mercilessly run down one of his students! The next day the principal tells him he has a transfer student from “Milford”. When he arrives in class the transfer student is none other than the lead gang member who killed his brother 20 years ago!

After that his students begin dying off and for that each that die, they are replaced by transfers/gang members from “Milford” until all of the gang are sitting right in front of Jim in class! Then all hell breaks loose. The gang attacks his house, assaults his wife and attempt to run his son down in their car from hell.

In the end sequence the secrets of the gang, their car, and “Milford” are all revealed. The end battle is somewhat predictable, and there is not much gore but this is still a damn good movie, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Christine, or Pet Sematary.

Official Score