Prom Night

I have to admit that this movie is one of my all time fave slashers, and I often pull it out to watch it time and time again.

Made in the early slasher days (1980) this movie manages to remind me of my days in the disco era – the corny disco music, those embarrassing costumes, the old vans people took to the beach hoping to get laid, smoking drugs, blah blah blah ……, but I digress, now back to PROM NIGHT.

The movie opens with a group of school kids playing a game in an abandoned building several stories high.
One of the group – a girl is being chased by the others around the building chanting “the killer is coming, the killer is coming, the killer is coming” – (all pretty frightening for a young girl I guess!!!) and of course as they get meaner and louder the girl panics more.

Well, before you can say nasty-fatal-accident, sure enough, she falls out of a window and dies. Naturally, the kids all run off and vow never to tell anyone what has happened, but as they leave a single shadow falls over the girls body, someone knows what happened, and they must pay for what they have done ……

Jump to – many years later, and of course the kids have now grown up and are at high school, getting ready for the movies title. As you would expect with this era of slashers, sex, drugs and rock n roll – or in this case disco music feature strongly, but it’s all great cornball fun and fills in the story quite well. Another prominent feature of stalk and slash movies soon appears as well – the murderous phone calls. It soon becomes the stalk element – (as in I KNOW WHAT YOU DID …) as little notes and photos start appearing on the teens lockers etc …. and this is where the film really takes shape.

Of course, when the Prom Night arrives, so to does the slashing, and although the gore is nothing extreme, there’s enough to keep most horror fans satisfied. There are several good scenes of the killer ( who wears a black ski mask) chasing females through deserted hall ways, etc …, a good axe murder, some throat slashing and stabbings, and the killer also uses a nasty shard of glass as well to good effect.

Another draw card for fans of the genre is that everyone’s fave scream queen, Jamie Lee Curtis, is the star in this film ( a busy time for her horror career – HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN 2, TERROR TRAIN, THE FOG ) and as a surprise, there is Leslie ( THE NAKED GUN ) Neilsen doing a straight role as well!

The climax of the movie happens in the school gym as the Prom reaches its crowning glory and things come to a head (hehehehehe) as sparks fly, the murderer runs amok, and is eventually revealed to all ( and should probably have been guessed by now who it is anyway). There was talk of a sequel which never eventuated, but thats fine with me, I like the original, and if you are a fan of slashers, check out PROM NIGHT.

Official Score