Final Destination 2

Have you ever seen the preview for the movie Jackass? The one where they show the audience watching it and screaming and freaking out? Well if you have, you know the atmospehere your in for when you check out New Line Cinema’s first big flick of the year, Final Destination 2.

Final Destination 2 begins alot like the first flick with Devon Sawa, only he’s missing in action in this sequel. As seen in many of the previews, A.J. Cook leads the way playing Kimberly Corman and has the same type of premonition as Devon Sawa did in the first. This time it’s a huge highway accident, which you should have seen in the previews, so hopefully I’m not spoiling much. Final Destination 2 is basically the first film, but turned into something enjoyable by an incredible directing job by David R. Ellis. Death is after them again and Kimberly gets Clear Rivers (Ali Larter) from the first Destination to help them try and cheat death once and for all.

My initial reaction after seeing Final Destination 2 was, “Holy crap was that refreshing!” It was such an entertaining watch filled with tons of tense moments, extremelly gory kills and camera work that made this look better on film than the first. But stepping back after my initial reaction, this movie is flawed to the bone, but in this case does it really matter?

From a viewers standpoint this flick was great, from a reviewers standpoint, terrible excuse for a movie. The story and the script were basically the exact same film as the first Destination only with new charecters and new accidents. The twists and turns added to the film by the Candyman himself, Tony Todd (Mortician William ‘Bill’ Bludworth), are a cheap excuse so keep the film fresh, while the ending twist was subpar to the same riddle Bludsworth gave them. Going back to what I said eariler, “DOES IT MATTER”? For the first time viewer, a big hell no! But looking to view the film a second time, theres nothing for you. Final Destination 2 is about the unknown, the edge of your seat goodness they fill you with during the initial viewing of the film. But knowing what’s going to happen, the surprise is gone and theres nothing else to watch for.

Besides a rediculous script, Ali Larter (Clear Rivers) horrific acting job didn’t help in any way, she was basically useless in the entire film, just there to yell, “watch out for clues” and “yes, that is a clue!” But without ruining any of the film, the script writer redeams himself later in this film with a nice twist and surprise. As for the other actors, it was well done, the best youre going to get when it comes to a horror flick like this.

Back to my initial reaction, “Holy crap was that refreshing!” The special effects were tremendous, the CGI was barely detectable. The explosions were huge, the kills filled with blood and guts (literally), and the timing around everything was to the “T”. Director David R. Ellis, who’s no newbie in the film industry, make it seem like he filmed the first Destination. He does a great job setting up the mood and the situations. He fills the “premonitions” with a special glow, like a flashback, only it’s a flash forward.

Another great thing about Final Destination 2 was the suspense, which was uncanny! Final Destination 2 is a great example of how the director takes anvantage of the audience. Knowing that we are expecting something to happen, we are constantly toyed with. David Ellis will give us a promenition, and then show the promenition in action, but then change it enough to were the kill is valid, only youre not expecting it, it’s quite brilliant! What adds to the craziness is how they can take every kill to the extreme, like those cute little mouse traps you made as a kid. (Spoiler Ahead) First the car’s gas tanks gets punctured, then it leaks down a pipe, under another car, where girl drops her cigarrette and a bunch of craziness comes next. (End Spoiler) At first it seems rediculous, but take a step back and think, Death him/herself is after them. Just the fact that the supernatural is at work, makes every single situation valid and thus uncheesy.

Getting into the kills though, it reminded me of something David Ellis said when talking about the third Final Destination if it ever happens. He wanted it to be a “spoof” and after vieweing Final Destination 2 I can see why he feels that a spoof would be necessary. The kills, even though valid, are still kind of Bride of Chucky feeling. Very unnatural and humerous. Even though the entire audince is screaming and laughing and sighing, it’s still not a “serious” film. David Ellis knew what was happening in my opinion and he felt the film needed to evolve into something new. This becomes extrodinarily clear in the closing moment of the film, just second before the credits. After seeing Final Destination 2, I cannot wait for the third, especially if it continues it’s evolution into a spoof of itself with all the gore, guts and suspense this flick was filled with!

One time see, but Do not miss it in the theater! The great sound mix and the audience sitting with you is part of the experience.

Official Score