My Little Eye

I thought the days of those goddamn Scream films had been hammered into the past.. I guess not!

I recently viewed the totally over-hype UK film, My Little Eye after much anticipation and wish I could somehow gain an hour and a half of my life back. Although weak on plot and spewing with old ideas and clich√©’s, I admire director Marc Evans tremendous film work.

Fangoria put it quite well when they called My Little Eye a cross between Halloween 8 and Big Brother, although I had a much different opinion on how enjoyable this film was. The film follows five individuals who joined a live-web feed contest, where they must spend six months inside a creepy old house together and if they make it out as a group, they each win one million dollars. If anyone leaves, everyone loses. The house is very awesome; it looks like the Myers house only two times as big. The catch is that there are cameras in, on, and hidden on everything you could possibly think of; They are on clocks, phones, paintings, TVs, etc.

As usual, there are the five different types of people that reside in this old muggy house. There’s Danny (Stephen O’Reilly), who plays the kind of fat and sensitive guy, who keeps to himself. Then there’s Charlie (Jennifer Sky) who plays the out-going tramp who is destined for a good killing. Then there’s the typical jock, who every guy is jealous of, Mr Cool himself Matt (Sean Johnson), he’s smart, and always has his point of view ready when its unwanted. What else is missing, oh yes, Rex (Kris Lemche), who plays the “bad boy,” he always has an opinion, a theory, and of course the secret skills that no one is aware of till he pops the big surprise! Oh and of course, how could I forget, what’s a trite film like this without the innocent, sweet, terrified, self centered girl, Emma (Laura Regan)?

As much as I loved the acting and film work, I just cannot get past how completely ridiculous this film was. Writers David Hilton and James Watkins bore the shit out of me for an entire 45 minutes. I sat there waiting for something good to happen, and of course nothing did. The dialogue is a bore, even the story told by “little miss sweet thang” Emma, which is supposed to “throw you off track,” is a pathetic attempt; I thought I was watching Valentine for a second, yeah you remember that piece of crap? Just wait until you see the big surprise and who the killer really is, you’re going to want to burn this video to save others the pain.

I can go on and on about how terrible the plot was and how the ending was just pathetic, but I’d rather focus my energy on the positive aspects of this film, which is the acting and directing. They were done so well, I wouldn’t want this negative review to take anything away from it. The camera work was superb, Marc Evans does have some experience under his belt, My Little Eye shows some true creativity. Sure you’ve seen films where they show you what the camera is seeing or what a sniper is looking at, but this was incredible. The entire movie was shot as if being viewed from your computer at home watching the supposed “live-feed.” I mean every single shot was from some sort of camera installed in the house. There where shots from clocks, alarm clocks, medicine cabinets on the inside, the roof, everywhere! Evans also got a little more creative by adding night vision to some shots, where the events take place in the pitch black, but you can see clear green figures freaking out. The best part about Evans creativity is that he never over uses it, he knows when to stop and move onto something new, like the four camera shots at one time trick that I baulked at The Hulk for using. Only he uses it to show the groups reaction to this house all at the same time, very cool stuff. What’s so amazing about this camera work is that it really gives you the feel that they are being watched, and they react like they are being watched. The acting mixed with the camera work was fantastic; they definitely worked hand in hand.

Like I said before, they were the typical crew of five, very trite. But that didn’t take anything away from their acting job, each and every one of them put on a excellent performance for their part. Laura’s (Emma) job as the innocent, paranoid, sweet girl was done to perfection. The problem was that they were working with a script that was dull and boring, even their acting and Evans directing couldn’t save the film from being a horror film, which lacked the “horror.”

If you live in the United States, then you consider yourselves lucky, because you wont have the urge to waste $5 at the video store for this one. You can only find this waste of film overseas right now, specifically on DVD in region 2. I give My Little Eye two out of five stars for camera work and directing, for anyone who appreciates good art, this ones for you. But for all of you horror fans who want some serious horror, stick to what you knows good and rent something you won’t regret wasting your time on.

Official Score