The cover for this one said “One of the smartest horror movies ever!” or something like that… I guess I will believe anything when it comes to horror. Truth is, it was pretty damn dull.

A “Wendigo” is a mythical creature that hangs around this town out in the middle of nowhere. “It can take on any form, it’s a powerful spirit, a shape shifter, and it has a ferocious appetite. The more it eats, the more it grows and then it has to eat even more.”

A married couple and their kid decide to go away for the weekend to a friends’ cottage situated in a small isolated town. They hit a deer, on the way there, that hunters were hunting. The hunter shot the deer, wounded it, and then it ran in front of the car and the family managed to hit it. The hunters get angry because the deer isn’t worth anything to them now and the family get mad because their car is in a bad way and they didn’t ask for any of this. So the hunters pull the families’ car out, and they are on their way. The movie is incredibly slow to start. This scene goes for at least 20 minutes.

Once the family arrive at the cottage, they settle in. The father appears a little hesitant around his kid and you learn later that he thinks that the kid is making up things for attention. The kid does see things, but it’s not clear as to whether he is ‘gifted’ or if he’s just imagining them all. The father finds a bullet in a wall that is never explained and the windows seem to break which isn’t really explained either, not to my satisfaction.

To cut a long story short, the hunter decides to stalk the family out of bitterness from his lost deer. He ends up trying to hurt the family but in the mean time something else is stirring in the woods. It’s the “Wendigo” and it has its eyes on the family. But the reasoning for this is not clear either.

There isn’t really much to say about the story line because it’s just so slow and boring. They could have made the point they were trying to get across in 5 minutes, but insisted on dragging it out for 15. The camera work is interesting and there is a couple of eerie scenes but nothing that remotely gave me chills. My biggest disappointment was the fact that the “Wendigo” didn’t really take any decent form. It took the form of a bunch of branches in one scene and a half deer, half man thing in another. The forms that it took were really silly actually, if I could take the form of anything, I really wouldn’t have taken those!

The acting is okay, nothing to rave about but far from absolutely horrible. I just found too many things were unexplained and the camera work really irritated me after a while. They started to develop all these images but then neglected any explanation for them. It was really slow at warming up and then just when it did, it ended. The ending wasn’t predictable this time, just stupid. To be honest, I think all the dead deer put me off too. I have never been one for hunting, I don’t agree with it at all.

If you like the ‘arty’ kinda films then you might like this one, but if you don’t, I wouldn’t believe the cover at all and leave it the hell alone.

Official Score