The Plot:
Loosely based on Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope, R.S.V.P. is about a group of friends who are invited over to a party thrown by Nick Collier (Rock Otto) for his best friend Jimmy Franklin (Lucas Babin) who’s leaving to write for Rolling Stone. Hinted in a discussion between Jimmy and Nick about their crazy teacher Hal Evans (Glenn Quin), the film surrounds a group of guests attending a party for a friend, who just happens to be dead in a trunk in the middle of the room the entire time. Is Jimmy really just late or is he laying dead at the party the whole time?

The Script/Screenplay:
It’s not surprising that Jason Mewes (Clerks) plays a part in Mark Anthony Galluzzo’s R.S.V.P.. Why is that you ask? R.S.V.P.‘s dialogue sounds very similar to something Kevin Smith would have wrote, only not as entertaining. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed most of this movie’s dialogue, but it doesn’t compare to the smart remarks that Kevin Smith throws at you. So what better than to add a complete stoner into the mix? Jason Mewes plays Terry, who has some really funny moments in the film. Galluzzo’s character named Professor Hal Evans is a great mix to the cast. His character is filled with some entertaining thoughts about murder, for example, what’s more important, more people killed all at one time, or multiple murders over a period of time? Hal thinks there’s no art in murdering a bunch of people at one time; he says what’s important in the creativity in the killing. Nick disagrees, he thinks its much more difficult to kill a bunch of people at one time. The film is filled to the brim with ideas only to be wasted at the end. Either way, some of the dialogue is a good laugh, and I had a great time watching it.

The Acting:
I have to start off with Jason Mewes. I’m disappointed in him, I really thought that maybe, just maybe, he’d play something other than the stupid pot smoker. Well, as much as I hated the fact that he did in fact play a stupid pot smoker, he is just so good at it. He has some great one-liners throughout the flick. Rick Otto, who played Nick, did a fantastic job of being one of the psycho like hosts, he made me think of Christian Bale from American Psycho. He seems to friendly, but is it because he’s your friend? Same with Professor Hal Evans, he’s creepy, and on the brink of psychotic. Most of R.S.V.P. is watching things unfold more than trying to figure out who done it, which is one falling point of the movie. All in all most of the acting was very good for a low budget flick. The only people I couldn’t stand were Reno Wilson as Garrett and his friend Cricket (Jeanne Chinn). Everytime either one of them spoke; I just wanted to fast forward.

The Directing:
What a great job by Mark Anthony Galluzzo! Very stunning camera work for R.S.V.P He has a bag full of tricks, most very prehistoric, but he uses them perfectly. He uses such simple effects, like slow motion, and adds a specific environment and a unique camera angle to make it feel like a fresh looking shot; He does the same for shots where he speeds up time. Another thing he does quite well is stir up some tension, which I can’t explain right now without ruining the film. I look forward to seeing what he does next, because this is a good start for Galluzzo and think he has a bright future ahead of him.

The Overall Good:
Galluzzo brings a realistic feel to the situation of friends getting together, he must have really studied the environment of him and his friends and added them to the equation. The fun and quick dialogue made R.S.V.P. a super fun watch along with some fun characters like Rick.

The Overall Bad:
The ending was HORRIBLE! Don’t get me wrong, it’s still worth a watch because the movie is really fun, but the end is terrible! If you’ve seen Freddy vs. Jason, then this scene will give you a better understanding. Remember after the massacre at the rave when Lori and Will drop off Kia at home? All of their friends are dead but they don’t even seem to care. Kia says, “Call me tomorrow, k?” Same deal here with R.S.V.P., awful end to such a fun flick!

The DVD:
The DVD has a cool intro and an awesome menu. Although it doesn’t have much to offer other than some cool deleted and extended scenes, what was there to expect? There’s no hype surrounding this film, so who’s going to take to time to add all sorts of goodies to the DVD? It looks nice and crisp on the screen and that was good enough for me.

The Final Word:
I highly recommend checking out this flick. R.S.V.P. is fun, fast-paced and full of great dialogue. Although it’s nothing spectacular, its better than most of the crap that comes out today. Buy or rent it today, Lions Gate never craps out on us!

Official Score