Monster Man

I didn’t know what was coming to me until I got it, but when I read that Michael Davis directed a horror/comedy entitled Monster Man, I nearly freaked out! If you’re unfamiliar with Michael Davis’ work, he is responsible for both Lions Gate films, 100 Girls and the sequel 100 Women. Both films have the comedy essence of Kevin Smith (Clerks) and if you haven’t checked them out you should.

Monster Man is a horror comedy in the likes of Scary Movie, only different. The film plays out like a serious horror film, only it is constantly making jokes at it’s own clich√©’s! The film follows Adam (Eric Jungmann) and Harley (Justin Urich) who are on their way to a wedding to find Adam’s true love (all Davis’ films involve love). Harley is a loud-mouthed opinioned jerk who is constantly making fun of Adam for being a “wussy.” It looks as if Harley pisses off the wrong people in a biker bar and as a joke, they are driving like mad from a giant monster truck! This is a total slap at Jeepers Creepers. As they are on the run, they pick up a hitchhiker named Sarah (Aimee Brooks) who seems to be in love with Adam as the Jeepers Creepers spoof turns into Joy Ride; the three of them on the run from a crazed trucker. Other jokes are placed all over in the film, for example, the hair being pulled out of the throat scene from The Ring is mocked in there. After all sorts of craziness, everything comes together in a very VERY funny way at the end, which is a specialty of Michael Davis.

Davis is known for his whit, and his ability to create conversations that are intriguing. With conversation that range from what “Rosebud” really meant in Citizen Kane to conversations about “dead hookers in the mattress,” a la’ Four Rooms. He writes Adam and Harley together perfectly, just like two friends. The conversations about sex, women, and of course blood! Davis throws in so many ongoing jokes that never get old, like Adam is a freak about things, and has Velcro shoes, Velcro fanny packs, and even his watch is Velcro! Besides having the ability to write, he can direct a mean flick, and does some great comedy routines like having Harley drink crap out of a straw and Adam walking into a disgusting bathroom with crap all over the floor.

While Adam is in the bathroom, he has some amazing transitions between that scene and a scene were Harley is pissing in the monsters monster truck. Just like in many horror movies before, the bathroom stall has a hole in it, which Adam keeps looking through in fear, while at the same time Harley is glancing into the Monster Trucks hole in its roof; the transitions were top notch. The editing job was even better, which had to have been overseen by Davis because of its humor value. During one scene, when Adam is running in fear from the monster, Davis uses slow motion in one of the funniest ways I’ve ever seen. He shows him running, and cuts between his eyes and yelling in fear. I know it sounds dumb, but I can’t explain why this is so funny on paper, all I can say is how ridiculous it is when you see it, its friggin hysterical!

But this is a horror movie right? So what you want to know is whether there’s blood or not. So far Monster Man sounds like a half romantic comedy, half thriller right? Well it’s not, I assure you! This flick is bloody as hell, and the FX are awesome! Besides the monsters make-up is creepy as hell, this film has the best head crush scene since Toxic Avenger, wait no Toxic Avenger IV! There’s people being run over by monster trucks, and their remains being shown, half of corpses, eye balls and blood, lots and lots of blood!

But as you all know, blood does not make a movie (unless of course its Dead Alive quality). What makes this movie amazing is its unique blend of comedy, and horror, with a fantastic conclusion that with have you vomiting, laughing and weirded out all at the same time! Lions Gate has brought you another piece of gold (I’m not talking about Leprechaun 6, Ill get to that later) and you should definitely check this out when you get the chance. Unfortunately the film has just recently been completed, and you probably won’t see this until 2004, so until then, check out 100 Girls and 100 Women (in that order) to see if you like Michael Davis’ style, because Monster Man is gonna rock your world!

Official Score