Tales from the Crapper

Troma creator, Lloyd Kaufman came up with his answer to Lars Von Trier’s Dogme “95 series” Dogpile ’95. Basically Troma gave two rookie filmmakers 250 grand to make a couple of DV-shot films. Unfortunately, the results were so horrible that Kaufman fired them and took over the project. He made the decision to re-edit the two monstrosities together into a Tales From The Crypt-style anthology. The end results have evolved into Tales From The Crapper. It has been labeled as the first film that was written after it was photographed. Once you watch it, you will instantly know why.

The two shorts films are appropriately called Julie Strain and The Case of the Melon Heavy Man Eater and Tuition of the Terror Twat. There is no need to go into the synopsis of each of the stories since the title basically says it all. One can imagine how unmatchable they were since even in their trimmed down form, they are still pretty awful. The audio, directing, photography, acting are as atrocious as it gets.

The only redeemable aspect of Tales From The Crapper is in the innovative way in which Kaufman re-imagines the project. Troma not only recuts the films but also have added hilarious voiceovers and sound effects to spice it all up. The film is packed with endless jokes that take shots at the acting, production and at how money was wasted onto this project. Even on occasion a little bubble called “Boner-Vision” pops up showing a Tromette stripping. At a few points throughout the final short, an audio commentary brilliantly deadpanning Oliver Stone is switched on. Additional footage directed by Lloyd himself is thrown in for good measure. They are packed with vintage Troma gore and sex and as well as some cool cameos. Also, Kaufman dawns on a garbage bag, playing the Crapkeeper. These segments are wickedly funny.

While the two shorts are some of the most atrocious stuff I have ever seen (Da Hip Hop Witch is still the worst film ever made), it is redeemed with what Kaufman has done with it all. Barely. If you are a hardcore Troma fan, than Tales From The Crapper is definitely for you. If you are not, than I suggest you avoid this one at all costs. This is MST 3K, Troma-style!

Official Score