Blade: Trinity

I caught an early screening of Blade: Trinity in LA this past week and I thought you’d like a review for it. David Goyer was in attendance and they gave us questionnaires at the end, which the majority was about the ending of the film. I heard they shot 6 endings, so maybe the version I saw will be different by the time it hits theaters this December.

The film was so much better than I thought it would be. I really hated Guillermo del Toro’s Blade 2, but Trinity returns to the Blade franchise roots with some new faces and ‘old’ enemies. This time, Blade (Wesley Snipes) is framed for murder- since he kills a human by accident. While trying to avoid the police, he’s being hunted by a group of vampires who awake Dracula at the beginning of the film. Blade must stop Dracula before the vampires take over the world and kill mankind for good. With the help of his new “friends” (he likes to work alone) the Nightstalkers- Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel- he might have a chance.

What I love about the film was it’s ability to return to its roots. David Goyer showed that there were things about the first movie that he loved in his scripts, that he was pissed were removed. He brings back the idea of a human harvest, where humans are frozen and kept alive while their blood is used to eat. He also did a truly wonderful job of getting into each characters persona. Jessica Biel is quiet, and loves to fight while listening to music on her iPod. Ryan Reynolds is sarcastic and really really funny. Blade is still the tough leave me alone type brute. The soundtrack was probably the best part of the film, it brought back the techno sounds of the first Blade, to amp of the original feelings from it as well. The fights scenes are top notch, and Blade gets back into his personality and uses some of those weapons we all know and love. Biel, equipped with a kick ass bow and arrow that contains light beams is a nice touch, and Reynolds is equipped with an extreme case of sarcasm that buys him enough time to pray for some back up. I also loved the bad guys, especially the wrestler Triple H, who gets the shit kicked out of him a couple of times. There are a couple of really really funny scenes that don’t take away from the pace of the film. Best of all, Triple H only does one wrestling move, which is realistic, unlike that ridiculous elbow drop from the ceiling in Blade 2– and Blade never throws his sunglasses in the air and catches them. Goyer knew what he was doing and made one hell of a flick.

There were only a very few minor things that I didn’t like. The first thing is when Dracula is resurrected and turns into his human form, he has a shaved head- he’s been asleep for thousands of years, but he wakes up and all of a sudden he knows the ‘styles’ of the 2000’s? It gets worse; he preps himself with a stylish necklace and red leather pants. Later in the movie, he gets super mad and transforms into evil Dracula, but he’s still wearing the lame necklace and red leather pants- GAY! Second, I’m impartial on the ending, which I won’t ruin for you. It was kind of a “cop-out” ending, and it was slightly anti-climatic. But it’s ok, the movie was still loads of fun; it blew away part 2.

Overall I’d say the movie is damn near perfect, except for the small imperfections, which I’m sure they’ll fix up before it’s release. The characters were fun and original, the story tightly packaged and the soundtrack rocked! They really could continue this franchise without Blade, if New Line really wanted too…

Official Score