The Nightmare Collection

After I reviewed ‘Fangoria’s Blood Drive’ DVD short collection I got some crap from people saying I didn’t know what I was talking about, well here’s my freaking proof! Enigma Films and Creature-Corner got together to bring you GOOD horror shorts on a DVD collection called The Nightmare Collection that will actually make you feel proud that you spent your hard earned money on it.

In my review for ‘Fangoria’s Blood Drive’ I pointed out that there were so many good horror shorts out there, that I didn’t know why in gods name they chose what they chose. One example I gave was My Skin (review), which I said deserved to be on a DVD of that caliber. Well guess what? ‘My Skin’ is the first short on the ‘Nightmare Collection’- what a great way to kick off five shorts! In the short film ‘My skin,’ which runs about 12 minutes, Death flies in to collect the soul of a murdered young woman, but first takes revenge on her killer. After replacing all of the incriminating evidence – the bullets, the smoking gun, even the murderer’s fingerprints – Death takes a moment to place a very special phone call. Here the supernatural vengeance truly begins. You can read my review of the film at the link above, there’s no point in typing it again.

The next three films were OK, but it’s worth the wait because the fifth is mega-awesome! The second film was called Monster and it was a modern day retelling of the ‘Frankenstein’ legend. I wasn’t a huge fan of the short as a whole, I was bored during most of it, but I enjoyed the jack-assy fun over-acting. I hope it was their intention, because it’s great! The Frankenstein monsters FX were done really well, and there is a decent amount of blood for you gore hounds out there.

The third film was called Bad Company, which was about two psychopaths on the road killing people. They stop a guy in the road and highjack his car- and of course there’s a twist, which if you can’t figure out, then you don’t watch enough horror movies. This was my least fav of the five movies because of its lack of creativity, but once again I enjoyed the acting performances. The movie is cut and dry and when it was over, it didn’t do much of anything for me.

The Wretched was the fourth short, which went by incredibly fast. This short was more art than film, as a man awakens in a prison and tries to escape while flashbacks tell the story of how he got there. The FX was astounding for an independent film, but there was little to no dialogue and it’s pretty boring. The twist at the end was cool, but not cool enough to make me want to ever watch it again.

Which brings me to Don’t Worry, it’s Only Your Imagination, which was by far the most damn cool horror short I’ve seen in a long time- even though it wasn’t that short. ‘Don’t Worry’ follows a repair man for a group of houses who is sent to one in order to clean up after a grizzly death. There’s mold everywhere and the stench of dirt- and of course death. We find out that the same repairman found the dead body of the man who died there and he really doesn’t want to stick around. Weird ‘clues’ start popping up about his death as he cleans and he gets stuck at the house while a storm strikes. As these clues build up, he starts hallucinating and getting really scared of the dark. The reasons he is so scared is apparent when you see the film. So when he freaks out and wants to leave the house he can’t because it’s pitch black outside and there’s light in the house. The story evolves slowly, but perfectly, as it builds character and creates the perfect environment for some serious scares. The FX work on this movie kicks major ass as well and the fact that the short was shot in black and white just adds to the eeriness of it all (I’m a sucker for black and white films). The conclusion was a given once the structure was set, but when you’ve got such great build and environment, who gives a fu*&?

Between ‘Don’t Worry’ and ‘My Skin’ there is no reason why you shouldn’t pick this up, I can’t wait to show my friends ‘Don’t Worry’ because it was so rad. The DVD is loaded with extras, but nothing really worth watching and Necro Nancy’s introductions were kind of ultra-cheesy, but so was the DVD. I would highly recommend picking this up if you’ve got some cash to spare, it beats wasting your money on some of those craptacular big budget Hollywood movies.

Official Score