Unsolved Mysteries: Ghosts (Disc 1)

Release Date: 10/5/2004
Region: 1
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Full Screen Format
Audio Tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles: Closed Caption
Studio: First Look Media
Features: Featurettes, Tribute to Robert Stack, Audio Commentaries,
Behind the Scenes

In his trademark trenchcoat and his easily recognizable voice Robert
Stack hosts Unsolved Mysteries. Unsolved Mysteries was a great show
that brought us the world of the paranormal, unidentified flying
saucers, bizarre murders, miracles and legends right into our home as
they investigated each case with a very unbiased and open minded opinion
and always leaving us wonder if there is more to this world then what it

Now the people of First Look Media only were able to send me one disc
from this set, and unfortunately that disc they sent me does not include
any of the special features listed above so I can not give you any
insight on them, however I can give you a rundown of the episodes
featured on this disc.

Episode I – The Legend of the Gray Man

In the summer of 1822 on Pawley Island a man and his friend are riding
their horses on a trip to reach the man’s fiancé who is waiting for him
so they can marry. Tragically, the man gets thrown from his horse and
dies before his friend can save him. Time passes, and one day the lady
talks a walk on the beach only to see her fiancé on the beach, only for
him to vanish as she approaches. A little while later the fiancé is
upstairs sleeping and hears the voice of her lover telling her to leave
as the great winds are coming. Sure enough a hurricane comes blowing
through and her families, as well as her and their house are spared.
According to the legend, anyone who comes in contact with the Gray Man
(the titled bestowed upon the man who died falling off his horse) they
will be spared during a hurricane, along with their belongings. Case in
such, Jim Ward and his wife were walking the beach when a man walks by
them, as Jim goes to say hi the man disappears. Sure enough a hurricane
approaches and their house is left with barely any damage while other
houses were simply destroyed. This episode started out slow but turned
out to be an interesting viewing.

Episode II – Resurrection Mary

It was an evening in Chicago in 1979 when a cab driver who is lost sees
a lady walking down the street. In return for her giving him directions
the man says he will gladly drive the lady to where she needs to go,
free of charge. As they are driving the lady immediately asks the
driver to stop next to a cemetery, where the lady disappears into thin
air. According to Jerry Paulane, another local cabbie, he met the very
same lady one day back in his time of being a ladies man. He asked her
if she would like to dance, which she agreed. Jerry asked what her name
was and where she was from. She replied that her name was Mary and that
she was from the southside of town. According to Jerry, Mary seemed
very cold to the touch. After the dance was over Jerry offered to give
Mary a lift home. However, instead of Mary asking him to take him to
the southside of town, Mary asked they go in another direction. When
asked why, Mary did not give any reason. When there car reached the
cemetery, Mary demands that he stop the car so she could get out. Mary
does and disappears into the night right in front of Jerry. The next
day Jerry taking the information he was giving by Mary and finds her
house, only to discover that Mary died in a car accident 5 years
earlier. This episode is the typical urban legend of a girl dying, a
boy going to find her only to find out she died several years ago. It
was a nice episode but I couldn’t help at laugh at it due to the common
storyline in most urban legends.

Episode III – Matchmaker Ghost

The Delta Queen is the most known steamboat in the world. Well one
stormy night on the Delta Queen in New Orleans Mike Williams, the ships
first mate, wakes up to what sounds like someone talking into his ear.
He wakes up and investigates, checking all over the ship. He reaches
Cabin 109 and the door swings open. Not being able to see anyone he
returns to his quarters and goes back to sleep. A little while later
Myra Fruge gets a call from Cabin 109. The voice on the phone is a lady
telling her that her room is cold and that she is uncomfortable. Mary
calls Mike to go check to see what is wrong with the room, only to find
that no one is in that room and no one is registered to that room. In
the meantime, Myra encounters a little old lady on the outside of the
window; the little old lady simply disappears. Myra, shaken up asks
Mike to walk her to her room. As they walk Myra sees a picture of Mary
Greene one of only a handful of ladies to pilot a steamboat, and the
only one to pilot the Delta Queen. Mary had died long ago and
apparently still has an attachment to her boat. On that night that is
when Myra and Mike find each other and end up getting married because of
that encounter and living happily ever after. Another cheesy episode,
but with a happy ending that although I should have seen coming, I

Episode IV – Queen Mary Ghost

Carol Leyden was working one December morning when she notices a lady
sitting at a table as she walks by she turns around only to see the lady
has disappeared. Nancy also sees some weird and questionable things as
she sees an elderly lady who is in black and white look like she is
going to take a dive, only for her to disappear as she turns the corner.
The freakiest of things doesn’t happen until Unsolved Mysteries brings
in a Paranormal Crew to record paranormal activity. They pick up on a
sound recorder some very eerie sounds, which I am not going to give
away, but they were quite interesting. The team was unable to duplicate
any of those sounds, which leaves the speculation open for debate. This
was an interesting episode simply because of the sounds recorded. They
were very creepy and leaves me wanting to investigate this story further
on my own.

Episode V – Grace’s Ghost

In the Old Cold Wood Lodge employees walk to the staff lounge. As three
hang back, one goes in to turn on the lights. As she goes in she feels
a strange presence, like someone is in the room with her. Outside the
three people witness a ghostly lady on the second floor disappear into
the night. It appears that the ghost was of Grace Brown who was
brutally murdered in 1906 by Chester Gillette. Grace was murdered
because she became pregnant with Chester child and instead of marrying
her he killed her on the lake. Her spirit according to local legend and
at least two witnesses who saw her figure wander around the lake with
incredible sadness. This story was kind of weird, it started out great
but the end left me unsatisfied

Episode VI – Voice from the Grave

In 1977 around 9 pm the Chicago fire department gets a call about a fire
up in a second floor apartment. When they arrive they see a mattress in
the middle of a room that is on fire. Under the mattress is the body of
Taracetta Bassa. It appears she has been stabbed in the chest. For
months there were no leads. Until two people who remained unnamed call
the police with a wild story. It seems the man’s wife was tired one day
and went to bed early. During the night the wife started to talk in a
different voice telling him her name was that of Taracetta. She said a
man named Alan Showry killed her and took her jewelry and gave it to his
girlfriend. Police followed the lead and they were absolutely correct
catching the killer with an unbelievable tip. This story line was
interesting as the dead came back to bring her killer to justice. Quite
an interesting story line indeed.

Episode VII – Ghosts Go to Court

Josie Smith and her husband see all sorts of ghostly things. They sees
candles move and things shake. They will be in the bedroom and one side
of the bedroom will have a dramatic temperature change. She also has
seen ghostly figures. Now she is suing the people that sold the house
for not telling them the house was haunted. According to the previous
owners they never witnessed any ghostly action and believe the owners
are now trying to get out of paying. This story was did not go into
great detail, other then that they believed the house was haunted by
Elaine Henry who was murdered by her employer in the cellar of the
house. According to Josie Smith, everyone knows about that story and
according to the previous owners there is no such story. This episode
didn’t give the results of the trial and what happened afterward. This
was the worst episode of the whole disc.

Episode VIII – The Entity

Three cowboys buy a house so they can rent it out to fellow hunters and
make a little profit on the side. Well they are three stay at the house
why they fix it up. On the very first night all three hear loud banging
sounds and bashing sounds. Other incidents include someone calling
their names, feeling like someone got in bed with them to having someone
feel like they are having someone sit on their leg. Not wanting to
leave anyone out, they invite their sisters who encounter loud noises
that scare them silly. However, they did not really get into what
caused the noises and left me wanting more.

Episode IX – Ghost Boy

This episode follows a little boy who has an encounter with a ghost; it
turns out to be his grandfather. Over the course of time he has visits
from all sorts of ghost, including his grandfather still who tells him
that some of these ghosts are bad spirits that want him for reasons
unknown. Over time the boy has his bed shake while he is on it,
experiences cuts that come out of no where. His parents move a total of
8 times and the boy has to experience several exorcisms, including one
that apparently was overlooked by a figure called the black shadow
figure, which apparently haunts the boy. This was a great episode as it
covers pretty much everything in terms of ghosts.

Overall, this disc was a great DVD to watch as I love ghost stories and
have dabbled in ghost investigation. It was great seeing Robert Stack
again in a role that he will no doubt always be remembered for. I wish
I could have gotten my hands on the whole set to review so I could check
out the special features.

Official Score