Cube: Zero (V)

When the original ‘Cube’ hit DVD back in 1997 every horror fan couldn’t believe what an indie surprise they had just received- and then ‘Cube 2: Hypercube’ hit video shelves in 2002 and instantly we thought it was all over. But Cube: Zero, the prequel to ‘Cube,’ actually somewhat kicked major ass!

‘Cube: Zero’ was written and directed by Ernie Barbarash, who produced ‘Hypercube.’ It was nice that he openly admitted that ‘Hypercube’ was a piece of crap at the premiere. But this time the story is more involving and takes you other places besides inside the infamous cube. ‘Zero’ takes Wynn (Zachary Bennett), someone who works on the ‘other’ end of the cube project, who starts to question his job and the ethics behind it. When someone trapped in the cube makes it to the end, we find out what’s in that big bright white room- and what Dodd sees makes him break the rules and ultimately end up in the cube he was running. He attempts to save Cassandra Rains (Stephanie Moore) who he thinks was wrongfully placed in the cube. Will he be able to survive the tricks the high execs running the cube have planned for him? You’ll have to watch and find out.

Script wise, the movie is a step down mathematically from ‘Cube’- and rightfully so. This is a prequel- and our government agents are still working on the cube. Instead of using prime numbers Ernie used the alphabet to decode which room is which; this makes sense because the original cube had 26 rooms. There are plenty of new twists and turns in this script and a few nods to the original film that will have fans going “hell yeah!”

It gets better- within the first five minutes you will get your purchase or rents worth out of ‘Zero.’ I haven’t seen a melting man scene as cool as this in- man- maybe never! It’s bloody, disgusting, vile and extremely painful looking. The only problem is, there is nothing better than this kill- but don’t get me wrong, there are a few really sweet murder scenes later on, which I won’t ruin for you. But really, when you see a cube movie, do you want to see tons of FX or blood? Ernie fixed the mistakes he made in ‘Hypercube’ here…

The only downfall here is the running time, although it’s average, it really felt long. I found myself bored at times and wishing the pace would pick up. Eventually something would catch us by surprise and reel us back in- thank god!

‘Cube: Zero’ isn’t the best of the series, but it comes close. There was a lot of discussion about the film and the main point that was made was: what do you want and expect from a ‘Cube’ movie? The answer: Everything found in ‘Cube: Zero,’ which is why I’m highly recommending the movie to you.

Official Score