I had some high expectations when I went into the short film ‘Filthy,’ especially after some glowing reviews (“An amazing feat!”- Uncle Creepy), but how would I really feel after viewing this short independent film? The hype makes you think it’s filled with things you couldn’t image and had me believing I would be taking a cold shower and scrubbing myself down after the short time in front of the screen. Unfortunately, ‘Pink Flamingos’ had me feeling a lot sicker, just the fact that I sat through it- same with Takashi Miike’s ‘Visitor Q.’

‘Filthy’ follows a reporter as she takes on the breaking news of the apocalypse in Liberty City, Miami. As she fights for ratings with her reporter nemesis, she goes deep into the danger zone putting her life in danger for the story. As a result, she ends up tortured and almost married in a house filled with crazy nasty redneck. They torture her, and do countless “filthy” things to her- the only problem is that I’ve seen sicker shit in my toilet.

The film takes on a ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ feel and is beautifully shot. The colors are bright and the atmosphere is perfect. The film should have been retitled, because I wanted to see some sick shite, and that I didn’t get. But for a crazy redneck family horror flick, it was great. The actors were extremely creepy (and fantastic) and the way they acted made me feel like I was in for something really special. Final word: it was OK…

The reporter gets pissed on, a girl gets her eyelids punched through with a hole puncher, fingers are cut off, a girl bobs for testicles in a tub of filth and she also has a bag of shit poured on her head- and I still said- “come on, you can do better than this!” the only redeeming factor of ‘Filthy’ was the meat man, holy shite was this guy GREAT! There was a freezer and this guy comes out of it dripping with raw meat all over his body. He walks to the dinner table and cuts chunks off his body and squeezes blood into the glasses for the meal. Hilarious and brilliant stuff- but it wasn’t enough to have me screaming in joy.

At best the film was something I’d watch only if a friend had it, or it came with a few more movies. It’s nothing extraordinary and nothing to get excited about- it’s just another psycho family movie. If those are the type of movies you enjoy, I say check it out and then show it to your friends who might enjoy it. It was a great effort and I can’t wait to see what’s next by these guys, because they do have potential to do something great.

Official Score