The Invisible (Osynlige, Den) (Sweden)

Screened at this years bomb kickin’ Screamfest La

The directors of the amazing Swedish film ‘Invisible’ must have known how incredible their film was because they didn’t stick around very long to talk with me about the film- guess that’s what happens when you get big. The film is so good in fact that Spyglass has acquired US remake rights to the film, which was first reported here months ago.

‘Invisible’ is an unique take on horror films and the afterlife, which I don’t believe I’ve seen on film since Swayze’s ‘Ghost’- but at the same time it’s nothing like it. The movie opens in a very 80′s high school atmosphere. The challenges of the future and graduation coming about, and the stress in the life of one student who wants to break free from the constraints of conformity. Nikls (Gustaf Skarsgård) is a poet who wants to go to a school to exploit his talents, while his mom wants him to follow in the family footsteps and be an accountant of sorts. He plans his escape and buys a ticket out of town to go to a special school, which he’s been saving up for by writing papers for students in the school.

His best friend is getting picked on by the school bully, who’s a girl and quite violent. She gets caught stealing and thinks this kid they’ve been picking on told on her. Her gang and her beat the crap out of him until he says that Niklas did it- but the reason he says this is because he thinks that Niklas is off on a plane and never returning. The problem is that Niklas wusses out because of his mom and doesn’t go. The gang tracks down Niklas and beats him to death- and then they flee. The next morning Niklas walks out of the forest without a scratch on his body and seems a little unnerved. When he gets to school, everyone is ignoring him and he can’t figure out why. Turns out he’s invisible, and unable to change anything. He can touch things, move things, but the second he looks back, the object is back in place- it’s very strange. So the movie progresses and I’m wondering- where can this go from here? Let me tell you, ‘Invisible’ takes a compelling twist when a bird dies by flying into his window.

The movie is a mix of genres, it ranges from horror to drama to thriller. The movie becomes a race against time and the plot thickens moment by moment. The script is so tightly written that everything happens at the perfect moment and there is not a second of boredom in the entire 95 minutes. Both Joel Bergvall and Simon Sandquist have directed a masterpiece with Mick Davis’ script based on Mats Wahl’s novel. I have never seen a film like this- and I don’t think a remake can even be any better- the film is PERFECT.

The film in Swedish is ‘Osynlige, Den,’ if you can find it on Ebay please check it out. ‘Invisible’ is a classic, and will forever be one of the best movies I have ever witnessed. There is little to no fear elements in the film, but it’s such a beautiful story about a ghost that it can’t be ignored. If you think you can figure this movie out by the synopsis above, think again- ‘Invisible’ is a epic story about life, death and the choices you make during your time on this Earth. For such a bright film, it’s quite gothic in a sense of the irony the story evokes. In the end, what really matters is making your life worth something and taking control of it on your own- the lesson is a great one, and hopefully this movie will entertain along with inspire. Check it out if you can, otherwise there’s always the US remake.

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