Dead Meat (Ireland) (V)

As screened at Screamfest LA:

Beware: the words Peter and Jackson are used obnoxiously in this review!

Peter Jackson fans rejoice because writer/director Conor McMahon is hitting the horror scene hard with his zombie film from Ireland ‘Dead Meat.’ An obvious inspiration on about 100 different levels, ‘Dead Meat’ looks, feels, sounds and plays out just like a classic Jackson horror flick.

The plot? Just like ‘Bad Taste,’ it’s kill kill kill kill in 100 different ways in 100 different places, with one line of dialogue here or there explaining exactly what’s happening. But it doesn’t matter what’s happening- just kill more zombies! Seriously though, the plot is that cows were being fed remains of dead animals and now there’s a “real” mad cow epidemic- zombies! That’s it, pure and simple…

‘Dead Meat’ is shit, but great shit- as Harry Knowles would call it- “the perfect shit.” Although the movie isn’t nearly as good as a Peter Jackson film it does take on numerous characteristics of one. Like I said earlier, the kill factor is awesome. Within the first 15 minutes a zombie gets his brain and eyeball sucked out by a vacuum, it looks awesome! Zombies also get beat to death and have shovels wedged deep within their skulls.

The color tone and ora of the movie resembles a Jackson film too. It’s ultra low budget, campy and yet it’s satisfying and believable atmosphere. On a negative note, the characters are terribly written and act ridiculously- once again a nod to Mr. J. Also, the movie isn’t nearly as “fun” as a Jackson flick. I felt bored at times even with all the hoopla and madness going on. But I blame the terrible storytelling and plot for that- even though that’s really not the point of the movie, which is why I throw that in the trash when it comes to my score.

What an extraordinary mess ‘Dead Meat’ truly is, but a spectacle none-the-less- something you can really appreciate when you have it in your hands or in your DVD collection.

Official Score