Blessed (V)

Screened at Screamfest LA:

Consider yourself ‘Blessed’ that you’ve never had to sit through DEJ and Warner Home Video’s lackluster drama/thriller starring Heather Graham. ‘Blessed’ is one of those movies that have you screaming at the screen by the end, wondering why in gods name Robert Mearns and Jayson Rothwell wrote things the way they did.

‘Blessed’ follows Heather Graham’s character and her husband as they struggle through life. She’s a teacher and he’s a writer waiting for his big break. They both are ready for a child, even though they don’t know if they can support it- or even have one. Things fold together as they decide to receive “help” in making their baby and stay at this special hospital outside of town. During their stay they are drawn closer to the community by the friendly folks and a huge book deal her husband signs- they aren’t going anywhere. If it wasn’t obvious early in the film, especially after seeing ‘Godsend,’ the baby isn’t theirs- and when you find out who’s baby it is, you’ll be shocked and pissed off at the same time. Here’s why (spoilers follow):

To me there’s nothing wrong with a little ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ implied horror, or the dreadful emotional content of ‘The Omen,’ but it’s the year 2004 and it’s time for someone to take it to the next level. Someone PLEASE make a movie that actually spends time with the damned children post birth! There’s nothing worse than spending an hour and 15 minutes getting all pumped up and excited for a lousy five minutes of excitement. Come on man! Get the story told, pump the kid out and get on with it! Give us some freaky treats and make a film worthy of being called a “horror” film. The only redeeming factor in ‘Blessed’ is the ending, which is AMAZING, but only proves my point to the fullest extent.

It’s time to move away from a genre filled with movies like ‘Lost Souls’ and ‘Blessed’ and start putting more time and effort into the story so we get more films like ‘Stigmata’ (yeah I’m sure there’s a better example). I want to be entertained- not snoozed to death until the skin crawling conclusion. If you want a drama, check out ‘Blessed,’ but if you want a horror film, this isn’t even close. I’d rather watch Arnie’s ‘End of Days’ or even ‘Bless the Child’ than this cheap rip-off- what does that tell you? Two skulls just for the conclusion and for the kids being so darn UGLY (you’ll see)! Check it out on video December 12th.

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