Lost Things

As screened at Screamfest LA

What was missing from M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Sixth Sense’ was an important element in a horror film- they call it the “SHIT hits the fan” scene. Sure the ending may have caught you off guard, but who cares when you’re bored senseless for an hour and 20 minutes? Martin Murphy’s Australian horror flick ‘Lost Things’ made sure to avoid that problem and entertained in final half.

Two couples decide to go on a trip to the beach where they’d spend their time surfing, swimming, tanning and hopefully making out. Things are all well and dandy until a man named Zippo (Steve Le Marquand) appears on the beach. Zippo seems nice enough, but is creepy none-the-less. Crazy things start happening like the kids see mirages of themselves in the sand, and we wonder what in gods name is going on. Just like Pinhead would say, god has nothing to do with it. Who is this Zippo, how dangerous is he and what exactly does he want?

Although ‘Lost Things’ lacks major horror elements, the film still carries a creepy theme and keeps us jumping for the carrot dangling in front of our noses throughout the entire film. Towards the 45-minute mark I started to get a tad bored- that’s when the shit hit the fan and everything else went down smooth.

The camera work, editing and directing job were great. Most of the film felt like we were watching a home video of the kids’ trip, but it didn’t look grainy. But there were some interesting scenes where the camera moves with the flow of the persons head and then the edits laced perfectly with the shots make it appear like time has passed- in a split second. Time isn’t supposed to pass and that’s the point, which is why it was so well done. Confused? Good, you should be, because you’ll have your answers after you finish watching the film.

‘Lost Things’ is a very slow paced psychological thriller with some interesting plot points and a twist that will make sure you got your time (or moneys) worth. The films been making its way around the UK lately, so hopefully you’ll get to see this on DVD sometime in the future here in the States.

Official Score