Punk Rock Holocaust

What I hate more than anything are signs of maturity, and I got loads of it during ‘Punk Rock Holocaust’- but maybe, just maybe, I’ve just seen one too many movies and I’m still just as immature as I was ten years ago. Hopefully that’s the case with ‘Punk Rock Holocaust,’ which is now available on DVD, because the film looked like something I should be enjoying it, but I wasn’t.

I remember when I’d pop in a brand new Troma movie I’d be so excited because I knew exactly what I was going to get- over the top cheese, gore and laughs- and I loved every second of it. The new film ‘Punk Rock Holocaust’ contains all the above, only I couldn’t get into it. Was there something missing from the movie- or just me? After I did some thinking, I did figure out that there are specific individuals who will LOVE the film, while others will be just bored silly.

‘Punk Rock Holocaust’ follows the Vans Warped Tour around the country as band members are brutally killed during every show. How Andrew WK dies, you’ll never know, unless of course you check out the flick. The tour manager keeps turning his head because he wants the show to continue, but a reporter following the tour thinks something big is going on and attempts to uncover the truth. Trite- yet quit possibly entertaining.

So here’s where I’m a lost soul, the blood and kills were tremendous. They were something that I would have loved a few years back. Every kill screamed “TROMA” and had that perfect level of cheese to it. Drums sticks in the eyes, Guitars through the gut and gallons of cherry red goodness. So what the hell is wrong with me, somebody please tell me? I just did not enjoy it. I tried, really really hard, but to no avail. BUT redemption is found in the fact that there are people this movie is aimed for and hits right on the nose.

Do you love any of these bands: The Used, Andrew WK, Pennywise, Face To Face, Atmosphere, Simple Plan, Mest and Suicide Machines? If so, you will enjoy ‘Punk Rock’ for the pure and simple fact that you get to watch the band members die in unique and gruesome ways. You like Troma films too? Then double bonus, I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll love this film- GUARANTEE! But for everyone else, I don’t know if you’ll feel like me or if you’ll enjoy it as well. I guess it’s safe to say it is in fact worth checking out regardless.

So what to rate it? It’s hard because half the people just look at the rating and don’t even read my review. I want to be fair to this film and look at it as a whole. The acting was terrible and the story bland- but it was bloody, it was funny at times and hit its mark for their audience. I’d give it a 4 out of 10, while it probably would score an 8 or 10 for fans of the Warped Tour. So I’m going to split it in the middle with a 6. If you’re a fan of Warped Tour, then I think you’re going to want to read on because there are some cool extra features on the DVD.

Check out all the goodies jam packed on here for you Vans Warped Tour fanatics:

-Director’s Commentary: Sober, Trashed (actually not on the DVD, but available on the Punk Rock Holocaust website in a section for DVD owners only. This section will be updated with more commentary tracks and other goodies in the future) and Passed Out

-14 Music videos from bands featured in the movie

-Trailers for upcoming underground movies including the sexy 4 Days In Panties: Back In Straps, The Hellcat Movie and Live Freaky Die Freaky

-Clips from the Backseat Film Festival, America’s Rock and Roll Film Festival, featuring No holds barred Sketch Comedy from Cheese Theatre: the first sketch comedy troupe from Queens

-A commercial for the Gray Kangaroo Personal Liquor Filter, the most revolutionary miracle product ever!

-The Punk Rock Holocaust blooper reel

-12 Hidden Easter Eggs (including some death scenes that were cut from the film) And More!

Official Score