Hellraiser: Hellworld (V)

Another year, another Hellraiser movie- what’s number is this one, eight? A few years back Dimension Films had director Rick Bota shoot both Hellraiser: Deader and Hellraiser: Hellworld back-to-back, then they both sat on the shelf collecting inches of dust. Thank god for the recent split because now Dimension unloaded not one, but two new Hellraiser movies in one year (actually only a few months apart). Hellworld, which hits video stores September 6th, is nothing spectacular but it is just as entertaining as the last three direct-to-video releases.

Hellworld follows a group of friends who lost a friend who was obsessed with a game entitled ‘Hellworld’. In this seventh sequel, the movie takes place in the real world (our world); there is a huge following of Pinhead fans who all believe it’s a work of fiction- but is it? After they lose their friend, two years later they are invited to a party at the ‘Leviathan’ house through the website Hellworld, which is an obsession among fans. At first the part is incredible as there’s girls everywhere a sweet bar and lots of crazy nostalgic replicas. But is the leader of the party up to something? Lance Henriksen plays ‘The Host’ who appears to know a lot more about this haunted house than the visitors want to believe. Soon Pinhead (Doug Bradley) is making appearances and people are dying- without the use of the famous box. So what’s the deal? The answers is hidden within the DVD ‘box’ so go check it out.

Similar to High Tension, Bota’s Hellworld is a hard movie to explain because the end of the film is intricate in the earlier sections of the plot. I was actually pretty pissed off that A: the movie took place into he real world and B: What happens at the end sort of de-validates the events from the night. Dimension’s solution to this was to throw in a retarded epilogue with Henriksen that made absolutely no sense, it was there to please the fans. What I don’t understand is why didn’t they just please us fans in the first place- who were they making this movie for?

If you know the back story behind these two sequels it’ll make you angry watching them- Dimension Films took a script and threw Pinhead into the mix. What’s funny is that had they NOT mixed up movies, this might have actually played out quite well- instead they were forced to break the laws of Hellraiser to make it work. A reader on B-D told Mr D he needed to have more of an “open mind” when he reviewed, so I took the advice and looking back it was a fun movie. But that doesn’t stop me from giving the DVD the finger before I stick it in my collection with the other seven movies.

So I stopped writing this review and went to bed to dwell on it some more and thinking more about it what makes this movie even more aggravating is the lack of ‘Hellraiser’ essence. There are no chains flying around every two seconds like I’m used too, instead it’s a bit more like Saw (even though it was shot before it). There are torture chairs and weird devices, only the cenobites prefer decapitating people with giant blades. The blood is fierce and there’s plenty to go around, so fill up a glass and pass it along.

For a Hellraiser movie Hellworld is a bummer, but if you are looking for a fun rental for the weekend this is a really good option. It’s entertaining from start to finish and there are plenty of attention grabbers sealed within. And even if it didn’t feel like a true Hellraiser film, who doesn’t want to see Pinhead in action one more time? Bring on the pain and suffering any day of the week!

Official Score