This is a fan review submitted from a test screening, not an official opinion

When a movie with a ton of hype comes along, it’s always exciting to find out if it was worth the wait or not. In the case of Adam Green’s Hatchet, it positively was worth it!! Hatchet is a spectacular throwback to the ‘80s slasher genre that rips your guts out with amazing deaths and carries a fun story that keeps you along for the ride!

In Hatchet, a group of guys are at (pre-Katrina) Mardi Gras partying and having a great time when a couple of them decide to leave the French Quarter and go on a haunted boat tour of the swamps. This is when it really gets going as the boat breaks down and the touring groups of characters are stranded in the bayous of Louisiana swampland. Enter the deformed Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder), as the Jason Voorhees like killer of this film, as the blood flows like a faucet of gore that just won’t stop.

The thing that is the really makes Hatchet an amazing film is that I (personally) felt like I was back in the old days of Savini style gore and fun. There are countless knock offs (and more so now, remakes) of the classic slasher, serial killer movies- but Hatchet jumps out of nowhere and delivers a genuinely funny script with some stand-out performances… and a few horror icons thrown in for good measure as well. Robert Englund opens the film with Joshua Leonard, and they both are superb as the backwoods hicks that get stuck in the swamp. Tony Todd shows up in an over the top performance, the like’s of which we have not seen him do before. Then Kane Hodder on double duty as stunt coordinator and performer does an excellent job as Victor’s father. But of those guys are just the wonderful bonus stuff; the heart of the movie lies in the main cast. The film is full of familiar faces, but, the two actors that really stood out, Tamara Feldman as Mary Beth, and Deon Richmond as Marcus, who virtually steal every scene they’re in! This is saying a lot because the remainder of the cast delivers great performances as well.

With some masterfully crafted death scenes and hilarious dialogue there will be much to talk about- how about a new kind of beheading that left the audience cheering and applauding?! And the amount of blood that flows will even impress the most jaded horror fans! Also, I don’t want to forget to mention that the score is incredible; it’s catchy, scary, and loud! I hope that this film get a real theatrical release because it really does stand out far above and beyond the majority of the crap that we shell out our hard earned money to see .Think back to the first time you discovered the glory of slasher films and you will have the immensely entertaining, Hatchet! A bloody great ride!

Official Score