Incident at Lochness (V)

The Incident at Loch Ness is a great documentary that makes fun of it self at every turn but gives you what all Loch Ness fans clamor for. The façade moves beyond the film as characters that are “never seen again” truly are not seen or heard from again even in the DVD commentary. This alone makes the movie one of the most fun movies I seen in a long time. I actually went online to see if I could find any proof of the missing persons’ existence even knowing that this movie isn’t real.

The movie itself is about a X:2 writer Zak Penn hiring famed European director Werner Herzog to shoot a documentary in the famous Loch Ness of Scotland and the supposed creature that lives within it’s murky depths. Zak meanwhile doesn’t believe that the monster exists and plans on setting up scenarios for some added drama. He builds a very bad mock monster which is nothing more than a paper mache head that they use to “follow” the boat. Making an appearance in the film for some added sex appeal is Kitana Baker of the “Miller Lite Cat Fight Girls” fame. She is hired by Zak to be the “Sonar Operator”. Werner realizes something is wrong when she dives into the nearly zero degree water in a U.S. flag bikini on the orders of Zak. The hilarity of the film is how much of an outrageous ass Zak Penn portrays himself to be. All other characters seemed as normal as a person should be but Zak is an over the top A-hole. Footage is also taken from another documentary that was allegedly being shot called “Herzog in Wunderland” about Werner Herzog who lives on a street in Los Angeles called Wunderland.

Unfortunately the first half hour of the movie is pretty boring unless you’re a big fan of Werner Herzog which I am not, so seeing the set up is a bit of a snooze but it does show you what type of person everyone. And as the documentary falls apart, the truth of the monster in Loch Ness begins to unfold to the horror of all the passengers. The monster begins attacking and the glimpses that the camera catches are pretty cool looking. I was pretty impressed by it all and it is a defiantly worth a look at if you are creature fan.

The DVD looks pretty good. The film is the standard anamorphic wide screen. The 5.1 mix is there but very rarely are any of the surround speakers used. But when they are you do notice the mixing which was done nice and loud. The commentary track is possibly the funniest thing I have ever heard and all people were kept in character. Werner and Zak argue for about 15 minutes before Werner walks out on the commentary and it is cut short. They end up reshooting the commentary 3 or 4 times continuing each time where it was last left off and eventually they just cut it and the rest of the commentary track is just a stereo mix of the film, absolutely hilarious! The extra features really aren’t so fun though. They are quite bland and hardly even worth watching. What this film did have a bit of is inner workings of the film industry and a glimpse on just what a producer does in a film.

This DVD is actually quite a good time. I personally am a fan of oddities like the Yeti, Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster, so to see even a faux documentary is fun. If you want to check out a fun weekend watch you should definitely check this one out. It’s fun and harmless and when the shit hits the fan it does get a little scary. This was probably the most fun I’ve had watching a documentary in a while.

Official Score