Koma (V)

Man what a wasted plot! How cool does this premise sound: During a wedding party a woman named Suen Ling (Kar Yan Lam) walks in on the aftermath of a kidney thief’s attack and becomes part of a swirling investigation. A few other interesting items were also thrown into the mix, as the lead actress has a bad kidney of her own and is in desperate need of a transplant.

Sure it sounds original, but it’s really just a boring drawn out love story that becomes a tragedy. Suen thinks that a woman named Chi Ching (Angelica Lee of ‘The Eye’) is the kidney thief after she sees her in the hotel where the victim was discovered. After proving she’s innocent by telling Suen that she’s sleeping with her boyfriend and that’s why she was in the hotel, it looks like Suen is about to have a breakdown. All of a sudden she gets over it just like that and tells her boyfriend to “not tell her” if he ever cheats again. We find out that because of this kidney disease she can’t have sex. Her boyfriend in turn is using Suen as a sex toy to get what every man needs- a little action. So Suen has the love, but no sex and Chi has the sex, but no love. See where this is going?

It becomes obvious at the 30-minute mark who the killer is and when the movie begins to unfold I found myself sticking a Smores Pop Tart in the oven instead of watching the movie. Damn it was a good Pop Tart.

The suspense is so bad I actually laughed out loud- and I was watching the film by myself. Check it: During one scene Suen is driving home when all of a sudden a fire hydrant appears in front of her car- oh no! She breaks just in time… I’m not kidding, that scene is in the movie! The funny part is something similar happens earlier in the film, I hate cheap thrills like cats popping out of the closet. Instead of using common sense Chi-Leung Law uses these horrible cheap thrills in this thriller and needs to take a step back and rethink his career. He took a drama and turned it into something it isn’t and can never be.

Although the story and character arcs were unbelievably idiotic as they unfolded, the acting was fantastic. Especially the beautiful Angelica Lee who plays the twisted, seductive and yet lonely Chi Ching. I want more of her in every way shap and form!

If you’re looking for blood, you’ll get a nice portion of it, but it’s only there in the same sense as the actual thriller genre. Neither fit in the film and neither should have been part of this film. The only person this film is good for is someone who writes for soap operas who might be interested in lifting this storyline for a good two months of crappy programming on ABC or something.

Official Score