A direct-to-video film that somehow got a theatrical run is now on DVD. It’s unfortunate that this film hit theaters because that instantly raises my expectations, and had this went straight to DVD I may have enjoyed it a bit more. But I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again- horror films sucked in the ‘90s and watching a film that was obviously written near that time period doesn’t help any. Cry Wolf is nothing more than a thriller that can be lumped together with such films as ‘Scream’, ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ and ‘Urban Legends’. Hopefully this rash of films (like ‘Venom’) in ’05 that have failed with help teach studios to keep these PG-13 thrillers out of theaters and on DVD shelves where they belong.

In ‘Cry Wolf’ eight unsuspecting high school seniors at a posh boarding school, who delight themselves on playing games of lies, come face-to-face with terror and learn that nobody believes a liar – even when they’re telling the truth.

Owen, the new kid, is taken for a ride as his new group of friends plan a hoax that goes terribly wrong. Piggybacking on a real murder, they stage a fake email that explains that the killer is planning a major killing spree- and when the real killer reads the email he decides it’s time to make this hoax a reality.

There’s nothing that pisses me off more than Major spoiler highlight: finding out that everyone who died in the movie is really alive, and that the whole movie was a sham. Yes, this movie is a joke of a film and by the time the final credits role the only thing you’re thankful for is seeing Lindy Booth in thigh highs and a skimpy two piece swimsuit (it’s OK guys, she’s 26).

When I discovered that Jon Bon Jovi was more than just an appearance and a main character I sighed a long hard sigh. But it was nice seeing Julian Moore play his character so well; I’d love to see him in more films in the future.

As much as I hated the screenplay and the ridiculously unbelievable ploy, I really enjoyed the filmmaker and editor’s style. Jeff Wadlow does have a future in directing, and ‘Cry Wolf’ is a calling card he can still be proud of. The film was packaged very nicely and all of the loose-ends toed up quite well visually and as it was scripted. But like I said, the end is so incredibly far-fetched and ridiculous that you can’t help by gag at the finale.

But the DVD shelves are pretty bare right now when it comes to new horror, and if you’re looking for something to spice up your holiday night by the fire, there’s nothing wrong with a good laugh with ‘Cry Wolf’.

DVD features: Although the DVD features look plentiful, they are short and are not very entertaining. The only feature worth noting is the short films by the creators of ‘Cry Wolf’ entitled The Tower of Babble (the award-winning short film that led the filmmakers to Cry Wolf) and Manual Labor (the short film that helped the filmmakers win the Chrysler Million Dollar Film Festival). The deleted and alternate scenes were nothing worth even looking at, but the featurette Enter the Sinister Set, which is a tour with actor Julian Morris, was actually pretty interesting. Other features include: Wolves, Sheep and Shepherds – casting the roles and Commentary by the filmmakers.

Official Score