Ghost Lake (V)

For the record I do actually love shitty low budget horror movies.

Now lets talk about GHOST LAKE a micro budget film shot on HD, about a troubled young female, who can’t seem to get away from a multitude of ghosts, wherever she goes. Add a couple dreamy dudes, which she of course has to get naked for. The lake is full of drowned ghosts from the past that won’t leave her alone. The story never quite works itself out.

Lets go through the high points about the film first… The poster for this film is fantastic!! I would surely get sucked into renting, or possibly buying this, based on the title and cover art alone, hats off to the artist who designed it. The nudity gets started in the first few minutes, a high point for a low budget horror movie, and in my opinion, a necessity. The FX are adequate, and pretty decent for this kind of a film. The terrible acting is superb, and in an Ed Wood, kind of a way its one of the few things that will keep you watching, this piece of work. Wow! Oh yeah I almost forgot that I kinda liked the cheesy synthesizer score.

So far its sounding like an OK way to waste you hour and a half, but NO Wait there’s more!!! Don’t let my above words fool you. This movie is crap. I am all for new directors getting there feet wet and being able to look past the cheesiness of low budget, but come on! Seriously the acting in this is sooo bad that I doubt the lead star Tatum Adair will be able to get work in porn. She looks like a low rent version of Naomi Watts but cannot act her way out of a paper bag. I am guessing that she got the part because she was banging the producer, or related to him somehow. Her parents die in the first few minutes while she is busy getting it on with some club guy and they die in a spectacular way, think back to when Pee Wee Herman dies in Buffy the movie and you will come close to the level of abysmal that they accomplish

A look deeper into the IMDB page devoted to the movie will show that almost all of the actors and crew have little to no experience, save for the director Jay Woelfel. The man has worked on a gob of films, mostly low budget, but nothing very memorable. Here he has directed, edited, scored, and even wrote the film. Unfortunately for him GHOST LAKE is a big mess, which in capable hands, might have not felt so long winded. Seriously if you want to spend some time with a few ghosts, you would do yourself a favor and go chill out at your local graveyard.

Official Score