H (Kr) (V)

H is one of the better thriller’s I’ve seen come from Asia in awhile. I enjoyed the film almost as much as I did Yoon-Hyun Chang’s Tell Me Something– both from Korea.

In H a serial killer named Shin-Hyun (Seung-woo Cho) is awaiting the death penalty as he turned himself in following a string of bizarre female murders. After a body of a woman and a child are found in a landfill, the case is reopened because of the eerie similarities to Hyun’s murders. Detective Mi Yun (Yum Jung-Ah), and her partner, Detective Kang (Ji Jin-Hee), are assigned to the case. The movie takes an interesting turn midway through the film when we think we might have figured out who the copycat killer is. The deeper we get into the insane crimes, the crazier things get.

A mix of different things make H a blast. Obviously the first being the level of blood and violence, I was shocked when the movie opened with a dead baby being found in a landfill and then when they showed close up of the wounds to the mother.

The acting was really well done and I got into the characters and their predicaments. Kang plays bad cop while Yun plays good cop, and you really begin to feel bad for Kang as sh-t continues to hit the fan. Every single time he thinks he’s got the murders figured out, another web is spun propelling him back to square one.

Without the fantastic screenplay the actors wouldn’t have been able to do what they did. It was written very solidly without tension breakers, keeping us on our toes from start to finish. The thing that really got me was that I had the same idea for a movie that Writer/Director Jong-hyuk Lee had and was about to begin writing it! When I saw the twist at the end I dropped to my knees and screamed “NNNOOOO!!!!” The end is really cool and will definitely have you saying ‘Holy Shit!’

The cinematography was really well done as well, just like in Tell Me Something. H is a very dark and gritty look that keeps the suspense flowing from start to finish. The look was a perfect match for the style of storytelling Lee has.

H was definitely a blast and a great film to check out, even though it’s not perfection. It’s a fantastic slow-paced thriller that will definitely make your evening worth while; there’s nothing worse than wasting two hours on a pile of donkey-doo. When Tartan releases this on DVD I highly recommend checking it out- and if you like, make sure to pick up Tell Me Something for more fun.

Official Score