Tales from the Crypt: Season 2 (V)

The Show:

The complete first season was just a teaser of what was to come as Warner Home Video has just released the entire second season to HBO’s Tales from the Crypt, which features a whopping 18 episodes instead of the cock-teasing six featured on the first set.

Fifteen years later HBO’s second season of Tales from the Crypt is finally on DVD and features some of the best episodes in its seven season run. What makes this even more special is that you can finally see these films uncut once again, the way they were meant to be seen. Sure it played on a few cable stations over the past decade, but they were always missing the special FX that made the show what it was.

Can you imagine the classic episode ‘Cutting Cards’ without the missing limbs? Walter Hill’s episode, which starred Kevin Tighe and Lance Hendriksen, is easily one of the top three episodes ever. In a time when the poker game ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ is hotter than ever, this episode stands the test of time by having the two best card players play the game for actual limbs! Or how can you not miss ‘Four-Sided Triangle’, which starred the beautiful Patricia Arquette in an episode where a clown scarecrow comes to the rescue of the tortured farm girl.

As I go through this DVD I keep getting goosebumps as I remember all of these classic episodes. Sure the music is cheesy and extremely lame, but Ventriloquist dummies coming to live, ex-husbands coming back from the grave, and even the birth of the Cryptkeeper make this DVD a gem in your vast collection of crappy horror movies. Even though half the season is filled with fun, laughs, and of course tons of gore, there are still a few episodes which remain shocking to this day.

This season features the single best episode of TFTC in the history of the show. ‘Television Terror’ is just as inspiring as ever as Morton Downey Jr. plays the host of a TV show as he embarks on a journey through a haunted house. Will he make it out alive? Of course not! The episode is scary, twisted and violent- this is what you show someone who has never seen the show before!

The DVD:

The packaging is great as it folds out into a giant widescreen photo of the Cryptkeeper playing poker with some dead friends. On the sides we get all of the episodes descriptions so you know which show to watch first! And FINALLY the interactive menus are worthy of this release. The first season we didn’t get anything new from the Cryptkeeper, this time Warner recorder brand new footage, jokes and scenes for the Cryptkeeper to act out on the menus!

It’s a good things they put all of this extra stuff into the presentation of the DVD considering the actual extras are ultra lame. First there’s Fright and Sound: Bringing the Crypt to the Radio. The extra is the making of an audio drama, starring Tim Curry and it only runs 3 minutes. The other extra, Shockumetery, is a 12 minutes behind-the-scenes film that talks more about bringing the comic to life. A heavy portion of the extra was dedicated to casting the Cryptkeeper.

If anything the major selling point of this DVD is that you can finally watch the show crisper and clearer than you saw it 15 years ago! All of the blood, mayhem and gore stands out like never before, and you get all the new Cryptkeeper footage! This is a must buy, even for people who “kinda” like the show. It sucks we’ll be waiting forever for the next five seasons.

Official Score