Feed (V)

Brett Leonard (Lawnmower Man), who recently directed the embarrassing adaptation of Marvel’s ‘Man-Thing,’ has officially redeemed himself with his latest film ‘Feed’, which has been playing at festivals all over the world for the past year or so. This grotesque vision will be making its way to DVD later this year thanks to VVS Films.

‘Feed’ is a disgusting and revolting reflection on America’s obsession over beauty. The film takes a stand and challenges audiences into making a hard decision—who do they root for?

While policing the underbelly of the internet, Phillip (Patrick Thompson) – a hot shot cyber crime investigator, finds a suspicious website for Feeders & Gainers – the weird world of fat erotica; a sexual subculture where fat–admiring men seek out obese women. But one of these men may be going too far – feeding his charges to death and publishing details online.

Shifting back and forth and keeping the viewer guessing, it’s really difficult to figure out if Michael Carter (Alex O’Loughlin) is really a bad dude…that is until the end. Mid way through the film O’Loughlin delivers one hell of a monologue after drugging Thompson’s character. During the monologue he brings up so many great points about what he is doing that you can help but ask, is he for real or just making excuses to justify his evil ways?

Up until the final act I found myself cheering for the bad guy and wondering why this idiotic cop was still trespassing out of his jurisdiction. Kieran Galvin does a fantastic job of taking these unexplainable events and making sense out of them by the finale. Each character has a very deep and disturbed past, which reflects who they are in the movie. In addition, each character has their own desires, but what separates them is how far they take them.

The film is edited together beautifully with a gorgeous look by cinematographer Steve Arnold. The score features some really cheerful ‘50s and ‘60s tunes played over some really messed up imagery. ‘Feed’ is a visceral treat to say the least.

But what horror fans really want to know is how much blood, scares and insanity is there? As for the blood you’ll be sad to know there’s not much until the finale, and even then it’s mostly grisly aftermath (with a few bones thrown in). What we do get is gallons of disgusting human fat being stewed, boiled and poured all over the place, along with the remains of numerous victims. And scares? I can’t think of anything more terrifying than an angry 600 pound woman with vomit all over her chest screaming violently at the top of her lungs—can you?

Aside from the idiotic screenplay decisions that didn’t make any sense (why is the cop having such a hard time getting on the website when there are hundreds of registered regular visitors) and the hammy acting at points, ‘Feed’ held my interest from start to finish, which is becoming increasingly rare in my day and age. And just when I thought the ending was going to be a joke, they spun it on me. Without giving anything away, the climax is well worth the wait and the epilogue leaves you with a great taste in your mouth… if you can still eat after watching the film. A definite must see when available later this year, ‘Feed’ is one hell of a tasty treat.

Official Score