Slaughter Disc (V)

Every horror story has a moral, director Dave Quitmeyer says. The moral of Slaughter Disc is that too much of anything can kill you. While other horror flicks tend to focus on the dangers of teenage youth indulging in premarital sex, drugs, and rock and roll, Quitmeyer explores the new horrors of our modern world by looking into the menace of pornography addiction. Based on a story he wrote almost 15 years ago, Quitmeyer’s Slaughter Disc is a story of a femme fatale (literally) named Andromeda Strange, and Mike, a seemingly innocent young man with a love of porn. When he gets a bizarre DVD disc in the mail one day, he doesn’t know that he is in no way prepared for the hardcore, fantastical, and deadly sexual encounter he is about to have with Andromeda Strange…

Starring adult actress Caroline Pierce, who goes the extra mile in this film to portray Andromeda Strange, as the charismatic and deadly porn star who sends Mike on his nightmarish journey, Slaughter Disc is really all about the girl. Andromeda Strange is phenomenally dangerous, yet beautiful, and able to do many things onscreen that Mike has never witnessed in his long and prolific career as a porn addict. Using implements like straight razors, skull dildos, and other people, Andromeda makes herself cum, bleed, and even slits her own throat in her desire to get off. Unfortunately for the men in this film, that’s nothing compared to what Andromeda does to them…

As Mike watches the film, he recognizes some of Andromeda’s victims. Are his friends playing a trick on him, or is Andromeda somehow crossing the lines between fantasy and reality to exploit Mike’s weakest points?

Slaughter Disc is one of a few films that have dared to push the envelope of pornography, and of horror. Sexual acts are part of the main plot, not a subplot designed to arouse even the most frightened viewers. Sex is not a distraction; teenagers don’t run off into the woods to screw moments before the killer stalks and kills them. The main storyline is Sex, and the killer is the object of lust herself. Andromeda Strange represents the addiction; the unhealthy and dangerous aspects of sexuality that people fear. She is able to cross over between reality and fantasy, making her acts not only subversive, but also lethal. There is also an unspoken assumption in Slaughter Disc; men will do anything for sex, even if it ends in injurious or seriously screwed up ways. Watching Andromeda ritualistically murder men in her movie does sicken Mike, but it doesn’t prevent him from growing more and more obsessed with her as time goes on.

The gore level in this film is phenomenal, and the special effects are truly of gross-out proportions. Caroline Pierce gives a believable performance, and is able to grasp the ideas of sexuality and sickness in her portrayal of Andromeda, which is no easy task. She’s sexy and vile at the same time. Slaughter Disc is a mesmerizing film because of the intense sexuality and extended sex scenes. There’s always something, like a droplet of blood in the blowjob that manages to disgust the viewer at the same time. Though Andromeda spends the entire film having sex with men, or pleasuring men and herself, nude or semi nude, this film makes her the centerpiece of all action. She’s no passive female accepting the aggressive cocks of random men who desire her. Andromeda is constantly in charge and gets herself off the only way she knows how; by hurting those who abuse pornography.

Slaughter Disc is an exercise in female backlash against traditional, male-dominated porn industry. It’s also a new idea in horror for women to be powerful, aggressive, and sexually satisfied.

Official Score