Mulva 2: Kill Teen Ape! (V)

If there ever was a film tailor made for its fan’s this is it. If you have never seen a film from homespun New York company LOW BUDGET PICTURES or the movie KILL BILL, then you’ll be lost during this. Director Chris Seaver has spent the last fifteen years making backyard movies (almost two a year or more) that reflect his own little world. Meaning that he has created a very stylized, no budget universe of characters and situations that simply do not exist outside this little planet we visit in his movies. In these flicks TEENAPE is often a main character. Usually played by the talented Casey Bowker, the character is simply an actor in a cheap monkey mask, who is the ultimate playa/lothario taken to the eleventh degree. Meaning, there is nothing that is too scummy or repellant for Teenape to do if it means he will get a little nookie in the deal. It is doubly enjoyable if he can beat the crap out of the woman in the process. He’s the character you love to hate. Every frat pig in the world rolled into one hairy scummy simian. And he is only one character in a literal world created by Seaver. It helps having at least visited his universe before jumping in with this movie.

But for fans of his work, or the afore mentioned KILL BILL, this is a hoot. A loving, blood splattered B-movie tribute to all that hath come before it, and without question Seaver’s best, most coherent and tightly wound movie.

The story is familiar; our heroine Mulva (from Seaver’s earlier MULVA ZOMBIE ASS KICKER, but this time played by the multi-talented Debbie Rochon) is put into a coma by her band of comrades. Seems they all work for Sir Teenape who is pissed that Mulva got all the attention for slaughtering Zombies in the first film. When she awakens from her five year slumber, (now looking hot like the real life Rochon) she sets about finding those who wronged her and doing them in. Yes it is a simple re-tooling of KILL BILL to fit the full tilt bad taste world of Low Budget Pictures. And it works in spades.

Without a doubt this is the best Seaver’s limited cast of true-bloods have ever been. We’ve come to expect Debbie Rochon to be great and she is, especially in the moments where she reverts back to being the nerdy girl Mulva was portrayed as in the first movie (“Holy Shit! Is that an Alien!”), but all the side performers kick ass too, with Meredith Host dipping in deep to play several roles including a hilarious Lesbian in a scene parodying the infamous decapitation by Lucy Lui in KILL BILL.

If you’re a long time LBP fan then this movie will hit the spot. If not, then check out a few others first. (I highly recommend the ANAL PAPRIKA series and 12 INCHES OF DANGLING FURY) But either way this is Seaver’s Triumph.

Official Score