Filthy McNastiest: Apocalypse Fuck

“The Female Of The Species Is The Deadliest Of All”

The third installment in the Filthy McNasty trilogy, Filthy McNastiest: Apocalypse Fuck is an extreme and traditionally overt-the-top horror/comedy from writer/director Chris Seaver. Seaver, whose previous works include (but are not limited to) the Mulva films, Quest for the Egg Salad, heather and Puggly Drop a Deuce, and 12 Inches of Dangling Fury, is notorious for producing low-budget (hence the name of his company) schlock and gore comedies with extremely offensive subject matter, nudity, and language. This no-holds-barred attitude has given him a lot of rope from which to hang his trashy flicks from. This latest film, distributed by Tempe Video, is no exception to these characteristic filmmaking stylizations. Expect blood, shit, gore, and tons of boobs and sex.

Filthy 3 has a new take on the whole “Filthy” storyline. In the previous two films, women conjured a demon named “Filthy McNasty” in order to gain better looks, popularity, or large breasts. And each time the results were terrifying, and the demon exacted a price for his services. Well, this time around, the demon is a girl, and the protagonist is a man who wants a larger penis. The Demon, played by Meredith Host, is even more dangerous than her male predecessor. Whereas Filthy McNasty would just kill people in awful ways, the she-demon actually attempts to have sex with them first. This is made increasingly unappealing by the fact that her vagina is rowed with a series of sharp teeth. Clavell (Jason McCall) is in love with the voluptuous Maxine (played by the large breasted Cherry Brady). Maxine, however, is a slut who can’t stand the size of Clavell’s penis, insisting that it’s too small. In an effort to win Maxine back, Clavell enlists the aid of his best friend Julie. Julie has just the right touch with black magic to conjure up a sex demon that will grant Clavell’s wish for a huge cock. Unfortunately, the demon appears and starts destroying Clavell’s loved ones in order to feed her toothy vagina. The old saying still applies; be careful what you wish for.

No film could be complete without a requisite visit from Teenape, a character created by Chris Seaver in 1991 who makes an appearance in almost every film. Troma’s Sergeant Kabukiman makes a cameo as well. With low budget pictures being tied so closely to Troma (Lloyd Kaufman has made more than one appearance in a Seaver film, and has openly given his enthusiastic support of Low Budget Pictures) it’s no surprise that more than just the characters show up. A Low Budget Picture is akin to what one of the very very lowest budget Troma pictures might look like. With a sense of humor that goes even farther than any Troma film known to man, Low Budget Pictures is simultaneously offensive, disgusting, classless and artistic, imaginative, and ambitious. All of Chris Seaver’s films stand out from the rest of the independent horror shockers out there because of a definitive style and intelligence that other films lack. The consistency of the talent, cinematography, and technique of each of his films is overwhelmingly apparent. There are no accidents in Low Budget Pictures. Everything you see turned out the way it did because that’s the way Chris Seaver makes films.

Like Polanski, Welles, Waters, and Tarantino, when you see a Seaver film, you know it’s a Seaver film. Despite his budget restrictions, he’s amassed a cult following and a filmography more elaborate than any other young independent filmmaker out there today.

Filthy 3 is fun, entertaining, and raunchy to the nth degree. No weak stomachs should see this film, as it pushes the limits of what’s acceptable far beyond what anyone in their right mind would consider acceptable. Excessive without being pointless, low budget without being embarrassing, Low Budget pictures has something that other indie filmmakers just can’t seem to grasp and that I just can’t put my finger on.

I highly recommend this film for any indie horror fan, or someone who wants to pad their collection with Seaver films before he becomes too famous and they go out of print.

Official Score