Woensdag (Wednesday)

Lets thank Joris for sending in this review all the way from the Netherlands.

The Dutch horror industry has always been practically non-existent for all of those outside the borders of the lowlands. This is mostly due to the fact that there NEVER has been a real horror scene in Holland and most genre efforts that have been made here are, arguably, not real horror movies.

It’s been more than twelve years since “De Johnsons” was unleashed upon Dutch audiences and most people must have thought it to be impossible to make horror movies in a small country as the Netherlands, especially when the film funds over here refuse to finance anything that isn’t a “war drama” or a soap-star filled “feel good” movie. But there are always people who tend to disagree with the masses and are bent on showing them wrong, in this case by going out there and making their own goddamn movie.

At the moment a lot of projects are prepping to go into production or have been finished already, some with funding by the Dutch Filmfund, some without financing by others than the filmmakers. American audiences got a taste of things to come when the ultra-cool trailer for “Worst Case Scenario” in which “yours truly” appears as a dot on the horizon.
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The first of more than ten(!) projects to be finished is “Woensdag” (Wednesday) by young directors, producers, scriptwriters, etc. Jean-Paul Arends and Bob Embregts from Tilburg. Woensdag is not only the first horror movie from the Netherlands in over a decade but it’s also the first ever slasher movie to emerge from the land beneath the seas. Being the first slasher movie from Holland makes Woensdag a piece of Dutch film-history if you like it or not.

Remember the eighties when one pointless slasher movie was made after the other? Well, Woensdag looks and feels like any slasher movie coming from that period of time with the only difference being that this is a Dutch spoken film. The fact that this was shot on video could have meant bad news for any other project but the grainy picture quality made me feel like watching any old slasher movie on a VCR which made it feel kinda nostalgic.

The acting and the screenplay are some of the weaknesses of the movie but I can’t actually think of any slasher from the good old days having a great script or great acting. The story is simple as hell and serves only as an excuse to go all creative on the cast when it comes to killing them.

Eight young contestants take part in a reality TV program called Camp Slasher where they have to survive the night looking for clues and avoid falling prey to a fake killer. Everything goes quite wrong pretty quick as the fake killer gets “axed” by a real one who starts killing of the cast and crew in a way only a deranged lumberjack can.

The special effects look amazing for a picture with a five thousand euro budget; the killings look great with enough dismemberments, decapitations and blood splatter to keep most of the gorehounds satisfied till the end.

Woensdag may not be a great movie but it sure is entertaining and it being a relatively short movie (75 minutes) helps keep the pace and our attention up. Now let’s hope this gets a true horror scene going on down here.

Official Score