One Missed Call 2 (JP)

Screened at this years FanTasia Festival: Thanks to DarkLoud for submitting:

The “I miss Miike” film

When you get into the theater to see a sequel to a Miike film, you can’t help it but be curious about it. The film doesn’t exactly start strong at first; it is mostly a build up for the whole suspense. The telephone ring is back and the terror is supposed to be back with it. The problem with the story is this phone craziness, the ghost is supposed to get whoever is called but it doesn’t really happened much in this film. In the first Miike you knew they were about to die, you just didn’t know how and most of the time you were quite surprised when the death were coming only this time no surprise at all.

The film is not boring, but not exciting either. The film feels prety long, some scenes are just walking around scenes that are just leading in the end to a small detail being added up or some non important dialogue. The suspense is not at its best either, most of the time the sound they’ve added or the editing they have used to scare the people does not work and does not amplified the intense situations.

The visual is mostly talking by itself, normal shots, nothing outstanding added on that level. The music is only interesting when it is the ring tone that keeps coming up when the ghost is calling the victims, mostly an awesome effect because it remind us all of the Miike’s first One missed call. The flashback scenes from the first film are indeed the best scene of the film, the sequences they chose from the Miike outstanding piece are well chosen.

The actors were not bad; it was mostly a pleasant thing to have some good actors that can drag you in the film a bit. The actress from the first film has such a small apparition that it is a bit sad to see that they have used her in such a way. The film really needed some crazy & good suspense and needed some more killing as well. One of the only killing scenes of the film is kind of a repetition from one of the first film’s death. Nothing new or surprising is coming out of the film but it’s still interesting to see the sequel to the crazy ghost’s phone call.

Official Score