Tremors II: Aftershocks (V)

The Tremors return to the screen in this sequel, but sadly to the small screen. Being a video release does not make this a bad movie, but it surely cannot live up to the original’s awesome special effects work and atmospheric horror, or the fun and humor of it.

Fred Ward returns as Earl Basset who is called upon to join Christopher Gartin and Michael Gross again to exterminate the “graboids” in Mexico to protect the assets of an oil refinery company. Christopher Gartin as the annoying Grady is a weak replacement for Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward seems a little worn out for this film, but I guess that helps his reluctant character. Michael Gross is just as gun-crazy as he was in the first movie, and then some. He brings a military arsenal packed into a giant army truck with him. Let the explosions begin. While Burt Gummer and Earl & Grady are split up exterminating the graboids efficiently, something happens to them and they change form to everyone’s surprise. The great thing about this is that it cannot possibly be a rehash of the story at all since the characters are completely unprepared for the “shriekers”.

As in the original film the graboid design is still excellent but the small critters that spawn from them are where the movie falls short. The little guys are an interesting take on the storyline, but they look sort of skiddish and not very threatening at all. This is the first movie to bring in the CG effects into the series, and since it’s from 1996, don’t expect to be amazed by the effects. The acting in this film is just as good in the first and the new characters and locations contribute to make this film just as addicting as the first movie, but not as good overall because it lacks overall in both horror and comedy departments.

If you did enjoy the original Tremors, than you’ll probably like this movie. I cannot say that you’ll like it, but it is very true to the original film and brings back the most interesting and funny character, Burt Gummer, who really owns this series now. I do recommend this to casual horror fans, but I strongly recommend that you see and enjoy the original film first.

Official Score