Tremors 3: Back to Perfection (V)

Continuing its unintentional tradition of dropping one character from the previous movie, Fred Ward does not return to this film. Michael Gross takes the Tremors series onto his shoulders for a big gamble in the direct-to-video horror genre. If you enjoyed this film you’ll certainly enjoy this one since the comedy and horror from the original that are lacking in Tremors 2 all return to breath some life into the series.

Burt Gummer (Gross) returns to Perfection after an opening scene of him gunning down a herd shreikers with a 20mm cannon in Mexico. The town has been turned into a tourist attraction after the publicity of the incidents that occurred in the original movie. What’s so great about the story is that all of the surviving characters (minus Fred Ward and Kevin Bacon) return played by the original actors. The new main character, Desert Jack, leads tourists on a ride through the desert faking them out and trying to scare them with fake graboid effects, but when a real graboid appears and kills a man, the town of Perfection once again finds itself at war with the monsters.

This film brings back a lot of the comedy element from the first movie, especially on the tour through the desert. Michael Gross reprises his role with the same snobbish attitude he played it with in the first two movies, but we still easily root for Burt Gummer as the hero. The other characters seem a little bland at times, which is good that they brought back the characters from the first movie. The new creatures, named “ass blasters” have the slimmest resemblance to the graboids you could possibly imagine from a mutation, but they’re still a good design and are the logical evolution of the creature. As I said, the horror and comedy elements return in this movie. There seems to be a little more on-screen violence than in Tremors 2, but the film is only rated PG, so it’s more tame, but it all tells the story perfectly. The only pet peeve I have with this film is the CG, which should be much more detailed than Tremors 2, but it seems to be just as advanced as in 1996.

This film is very entertaining, especially for a Video release, and the actors are great for the film’s mood. Tremors 3 was the pilot for the Tremors Series show starring Michael Gross, which I haven’t seen, but am annoyed with Universal and Sci-Fi for not releasing it on DVD for us fans to own. If you enjoyed the first two movies you’ll like this. It is necessary to see Tremors before Tremors 2, but to see Tremors 3 it doesn’t really matter as it doesn’t dig into the past films very much, and if it does it’s completely obvious what is happening and you won’t be oblivious to who the original characters are. I recommend that you like the first two movies before you see this.

Official Score