Tremors 4: The Legend Begins (V)

Michael Gross returns for the fourth installment of the Tremors series as Hiram Gummer, Burt’s ancestor. Rather than boring us with another movie set in Perfection, Nevada during present day, the film is set in “Rejection”, Nevada in the late 1800’s, so be prepared for this before you see it, because if you don’t like westerns, you might not appreciate this movie.

The story starts as graboids kill miners in a mine that’s in the mountains. Hiram Gummer, the owner, comes to Rejection to see what’s going on with his investment and leads a group of people to the mine to investigate the incidents that have been taking place. Rather than bringing back the original graboids, or bringing in a new creature, the film features small graboids that jump out of the ground and later grow into the larger creatures. After a lot of the people have been killed, Hiram must put his money to use by purchasing strong weapons, which he is afraid of. (The ending explains Burt’s Love for guns very well)

This film isn’t really as funny or horrific as the previous three, but it does have a pretty good story and some fun characters that are all supposed to be ancestors of the characters in the first film. The music is also very good and CG effects are kept to a minimum, allowing the animatronics creatures and stock footage from Tremors 1 to take their places on screen. Also featuring a lot of inside jokes from the original movie for fans, this is probably the most fan-oriented installment in the series. If you aren’t a fan of the first three movies, but simply think they’re worthwhile, I can’t say you’ll like this movie. The old west town of “Rejection” is consistent with the layout of the first and third movie and is very cool to see in the 1800’s. Michael Gross’s portrayal of the snooty and rich Gummer is a treasure to fans of Burt Gummer in the first three movies.

Sadly, Tremors 4 might be the last movie in the series even though they could easily sell a Tremors 5 and produce a better movie. Its sales were not very successful, as S.S. Wilson said when I e-mailed him to ask him about the progress of the new movie. He says that Universal will not green light a 5th installment unless they can get more money for it. Hopefully with this new “Tremors Attack Box Set” that Universal is putting out, they can get some money to make Tremors 5 and close out the series with a satisfying conclusion for fans and casual viewers alike to appreciate.

Official Score