Postal (limited)

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The infamous Ed Wood – errr I mean Uwe Boll is back again with his latest theatrical effort POSTAL, which was inspired by the semi-popular videogame of the same name.

Not at all based on the game’s plot, Boll takes us to the ironically named city of Paradise, where a recently laid-off loser (Zack Ward) teams up with his cult-leading uncle (Dave Foley) to steal a peculiar bounty of riches from their local amusement park; somehow, the recently arrived Taliban have a similar focus, but a far more sinister intent.

I like Boll’s attempt at making a politically charged comedy, but it’s how he executed the film that gets under this reviewer’s skin. Anyone who has following the career of the infamous German director knows that he thrives on controversy and attention. He would do just about anything to get someone to pay attention – like claiming Michael Bay accepted his challenge to box. This is a rare case of because he directed the film, it’s not OK. Sure the movie carries some really funny moments, but there is still nothing worse than someone attempting racial or ethnical humor with the attempt of shocking instead of creating laughs. Just in knowing that Boll is trying to piss people off takes away from the humor in the situation. He’s like that guy who makes a racist joke and then you’re like “that’s not funny because you kind of mean it.”

At no point does POSTAL take itself seriously; it’s a joke in its own right. Instead of attempting to make a film that could have some serious issues hidden within the laughs, Boll delivers mostly low-brow fart humor mixed with a bunch of explosions.

Mostly missing from POSTAL was focus. The direction of the film is complete dyslexia as the plot is completely jumbled, along with the pacing and genre choice. Is it a comedy or is it an action movie? Boll told us after the movie that he “had to deliver the action that was promised,” but since when does NAKED GUN turn into LETHAL WEAPON? Pick one and stick with it. There’s nothing worse then accepting the fact that you’re going to have to sit through an hour and a half of over-the-top humor and then all of a sudden it’s an action movie.

Although this isn’t saying much, POSTAL is in fact Uwe Boll’s best movie yet. It is funny at times and shows that even he has a sense of humor about himself. It’s just a shame what direction he chose to take the film because I feel had he taken in seriously, instead of trying to shock us, he might have actual touched on something that we would all be able to enjoy. Mark this one as undeliverable…

Official Score